Daily Demolition Report: Imogene Heap

Your assignment: Bring these homes down.



Photo of 4727 Banning Dr.: HAR

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  • Glad they’re tearing down that house on E 24th. Couple of overly-yappy dogs that live there.

  • Re: St. Charles, s this more 3rd Ward “land banking” by the Midtown district, along the lines of all the houses they tore down on Alabama? Normally I would look it up on HCAD but I can’t figure out what HCAD calls St. Charles.

  • You KNOW it’s a half a mil teardown when the MLS listing of what looks to be a serviceable house has no interior shots.

  • @Spoonman: HCAD spells out Saint. The owner listed is Centerpointe Living at Gray LP. Looked at their other properties listed and it appears to be….townhomes. Which is really interesting considering the link to that article about third ward that you’re referencing.

  • @2 Spoonman,

    Something is funny about those Saint Charles (as HCAD calls it) residences.

    All three properties show as already being vacant land, not subject to taxes.

    They belong to Wesley Church.

  • Should have said that the last tax statement went to Wesley Church. As exempt property.

    Wonder what “they’re” going to demolish now since the land is already vacant……..