Garden Oaks Strip Center Draught Report

The next contender for the endcap of the Modern strip center at the corner of North Shepherd Dr. and 34th St. refashioned last year from the longtime home of Garden Oaks’ Binswanger Glass Co. is almost in. Taking over from the stalled out Octane Coffee and Wine Lounge will be the Shepherd Park Draught House — a pub featuring a full menu and an interior festooned with punk, pop, and rock memorabilia. Its owner: Ken Bridge of Delicious Concepts, the same company behind Heights restaurants Lola, Dragon Bowl, and (most notably) Pink’s Pizza, which has a convenient location next door. Expected opening date: “very soon.”


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  • Ken also owned the stalled out Octane.

  • When in doubt, bar it out. But really not a bad idea considering how well the Petrol Station does and the growth in the area. Just wish that they didn’t go with the ____ Park thing. Conjures up another institution in town.

  • Old School, the other _________ Park you’re thinking of is a dumb, made up name. This place is named because it is very close to the Shepherd Park Plaza Neighborhood. Nothing wrong with that!

  • Hopefully the bar idea is better than his pizza… seriously sucks.

  • They’ll be ok for a while. Breakfast at Lola’s: we don’t do poached eggs, they’re too hard. Dragon Bowl, not tasty. Pink’s Pizza ok for midwesterner’s. Otherwise, call Star

  • Another bar in our area. I think we need family friendly healthy reasonable resturant in our area. We have many family both of parents works, and it will be nice if we have place where we can feed kids good food.

  • Best of luck to him. Sure hope the new place is not as over priced with crappy service like Octane was.

  • Ripley, I won’t speak for the possible quality of the service, but i think we can be assured that it will be overpriced based on the other Pink’s and Pink’s-related restaurant prices.

  • Though I’m no fan of any of these enterprises, maybe the prices are high because the leases on these buildings might be high priced now that these areas are “trendy”, and also because it costs a lot to comply with all the city regulations.

  • Or maybe the prices are high because in the infallible wisdom of the marketplace that is what they can charge.

  • Pink’s is WAY over priced. Won’t be ordering from there again.

  • you’re right shadyheightster, onerous regulations are quite clearly to blame for high food prices. Frankly we should ditch them all and allow the infallible wisdom of the marketplace to determine what is necessary. Besides, who’s going to notice whether their food was washed in the employee toilet or in a proper food prep sink. And the roaches would just add a little crunch, right?

  • If they city tries to tax people individually, all hell gets raised. If the city taxes business, you get applause from those same people. “Get those businesses!”
    Fast forward: Prices go up to pay for the extra taxes, regulations, fees, etc that people wanted.
    Then… “Why are the prices so high!? This is a rip off. Greedy businesses! The city should raise their taxes/fees and show them a thing or two!”

  • OK Mike, now I’m getting curious. Why do you keep saying that Octane was owned by the same folks as Pink’s?

  • Not sure why everyone is so down on the restaurants. Pink’s is great pizza and a cool outfit. We eat at Dragon Bowl regularly and it is kid friendly. I’m not big on the menu at Lola, but it is well made and the prices are in line with what one would expect.

  • LilDebbi –

    It says it in the article/post…

  • Jimbo, I never said that the regulations are onerous or that health and sanitation rules should be relaxed. I merely stated that in order to comply, it takes money. And that money has to derive from somewhere, which in this case could be the menu prices. The permit costs alone probably add up to several thousand dollars.

  • Hopefully, honest good spirit people will open good restaurant in our area.
    Pink is ok. We are glad to have business in our area.

  • I enjoy Pinks, not the best Pizza ever, but it is the best pizza in the Garden Oaks area. I order it once a week. I enjoy the variety of pizza’s they offer and I love their Bacon Sticks…I’m not a fan of Lola. I find the Dragon Bowl hit or miss…I’m all for another quality drinking establishment in the neighborhood.

  • Yoshi, What do you define as family friendly, healthy and reasonably priced? Subway? Doyle’s? Appleby’s? If you think there is need, go open the restaurant. Eating out is always more expensive than cooking at home. The only cheap food is fast food and that is still $5 a person. A family of 4 can easily buy groceries at the store for less than $20 and have a healthy meal.

  • Actually, it says that Shepherd Park is owned by Pinks, not that Octane was.