Daily Demolition Report: Kingsley Amiss

1702 Shearn St., Baker NSBB, Houston

Not exactly dead, but not exactly burned into our memories.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1702 Shearn St.: HAR

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  • It is so nice to see the Princeton Club Apartments coming down. They were a blight on the community. Does anyone know anything about the townhouses that will be replacing them (i.e. rent or own, price range, how many)?

  • Points for the title, Gus. I lol’d.

  • 1702 Shearn was moved to another location in the First Ward to be restored.

  • Getting rid of these old apartments are always parodist end by the people that don’t live in them. But no matter how bad they are/look, they’re someone’s home.
    And the “they’ll get something better” is awsered by the fact if they could, they already would have.
    Not saying I don’t like to see these beaters torn down, I’m just looking at the other side.