Daily Demolition Report: Market Markdown

It’s the end-of-year rush. Don’t get left behind! Get yer demo permits now.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1422 Sue Barnett Dr.: HAR

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  • I knew that house just had to be in GO. What a strange and wonderful place!

  • LOVE those photos on HAR. ;)

  • The residence on Troon is long gone. How DO they knock ’em down without a permit??

  • Per the HAR photos, Troon appears to have been sold as a cleared lot. I did not see an improvement.

  • Exactly my point. Yet a demolition permit was issued on 12-29 for ‘demo res’ at 2148 Troon with Cherry Demolition doing the work. It was issued in the name of the current owner.

    What is more interesting is the property description in HCAD used to be Lot 14 Block 53 of Troon. Now, it appears to be Lot 1 Block 1 and per HCAD, there are not even any “map facets assigned to this account”. You can look at any other address on Troon to see the correct ‘map facet’.

    As I said, how DO they knock ’em down without a permit? Looking at the HAR photos (probably from May of 2010) it was vacant when the current owner bought it.

  • Hmmmm….nice retro permitting for the demo on Troon. Guess they couldn’t get the time machine to work and had to sneak it by COH.