Daily Demolition Report: On Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

3408 Gillespie St., Cage, Fifth Ward, Houston

A trio of Gillespie St. rowhouses, and other urban subtractions, all addressed below:



Photo of 3408 Gillespie St.: HAR

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  • Those Gillespie triplets were born way before 1930 it appears. But that lower 5th Ward/Clinton Heights area is pregnant and soon there’ll be a new brood of townhomes suckling on the boobs of the boom. Hopefully they won’t all grow up to be a bunch of middle-aged slobs with bumblebee bellies and man boobs decades from now.

  • I would really like to see something more unique in the large track of open land down there than just townhomes, but i know thats all we are going to get. I would really like to see something creative like Agave Developments.

  • Their gone now workin on 3412 now