A.D. Players Says It’s Ready To Build Its Giant Galleria Theater Complex, for Reals This Time

A.D. PLAYERS SAYS IT’S READY TO BUILD ITS GIANT GALLERIA THEATER COMPLEX, FOR REALS THIS TIME Proposed A.D. Players Theater, Westheimer Rd. at Westheimer Way, Galleria, HoustonA mere decade after the installation of the first “coming soon” sign on the organization’s (then) new never-built-on 4-acre lot on Westheimer Rd. just west of Yorktown, A.D. Players appears ready to begin building the sparkling new theater it’s been promising — and fundraising for — all these years. The company, which produces plays “rooted in Christian values,” has announced it will break ground on the project — sometime this summer. The company hasn’t specified the budget for the building, or how much it’s raised in its 10-year capital campaign, but it is touting a recent $2 million gift from the Houston Texans owner’s Robert and Janice McNair Foundation. The facility will include a 450-seat mainstage, a 300-seat children’s theater, and a 150-seat black box theater. It’ll sit between the 5444 Westheimer office building and CVS. [Houston Business Journal] Rendering: A.D. Players

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  • Cool. This will be something different and hopefully fill a demand that’s otherwise lacking supply in the area.

  • Ugh!!!–“rooted in Christaian values”–and they’re going to build it next to the Galleria? Why not in like Friendswood or Katy–are they going to show mainstream films or just The Passion on a 24 hour loop. I find it intestesting that The McNair Foundation has given money to this organization. The building itself is ok, but really it’s bad enough having Second Baptist in the middle of Memorial without more of this “Christian Values” rhetoric. The Galleria Area is progressive, it seems an odd choice of location, too bad Hines didn’t buy this up for a high rise.

  • It’s always good to see new “institutional” or assembly projects even if this one does look very much like Stafford Centre’s Theater (gensler 2002-3).

  • Oh wait, even worse, it’s a “theata” for plays–ugh, so we will get The Passion and some D list Kurt Cameron play he’ll star in…poorly–really do you have to build this by the Galleria? This belongs in like Kingwood or Jasper…not thrilled, not at all.

  • I suppose that the structure can always be retrofitted for a church should the A.D. Players not do well in the space.

  • Chill, Shannon.

  • They do try to do some cuspy plays that people might actually go to, so it’s not all just white longhairs sashaying in loincloths. Still, I don’t see this place sustaining that LEAP in operating expenses. The audience for family theater is made up of people that aren’t going to “fight galleria traffic” and would probably rather just watch a Disney DVD at home. I imagine in the proposals they offset some of their expenses with projected income from rentals from smaller theater companies. The problem with that is that you have these giant new facilities at Rice and UST in the works as well as MATCH, all making the same claim of fulfilling the needs of smaller performing arts organizations. Hopefully there’s enough need to go around.

  • Only people who think like me should build things in the parts of town I like.

  • I see the antichrist crowd is present. Not everyone in and around the galleria is regressive I mean “progressive”. Get real. I look forward to it.

  • Lol, I was raised Episcopalian, but you see I had wonderful parents who let me believe how I chose to believe. You see “Christian Values” is a code word for other things. I give you enough credit to know this as well. Look, the I agree, the people who will use this won’t live in the Galleria area, they’re out in Tomball–so build it out there!–why the galleria area for this? I’m sure it will be in the red from the start, maybe ole Bob McNair will kick in some more of his Texan money to keep it afloat–geez what a waste of money

  • A.D. Players put on The Diary of Anne Frank this year. They collaborated with the Holocaust Museum of Houston, with a reception, a presentation from a survivor, and education about tolerance and hate. (source: I volunteer at HMH.)

    Shannon, sounds like you missed a learning opportunity here.

  • And no I don’t believe two white people populated the earth and one man took two of every species on earth on his tiny Ark and that one man 2000 plus years ago was the son of God and walked on water etc–at any rate he certainly didn’t look like Jeffrey Hunter–but you’re free to believe how you like, just don’t hoist your views on me–I was lucky to have had a great Episcopal Priest growing up, who encouraged me to think for myself and after several advanced science classes at UT, I did just that.–believe what you want, just worry about your own soul and I’ll worry about mine.

  • @ Shannon.
    Using that logic, well why don’t we tell Temple Emanuel to take a hike since they are occupying prime land that could be on the tax rolls as luxury townhomes ? Temple E could just move to Meyerland. God knows (no pun intended) that there is no room for anyone to have a venue that has a focused clientele. Get rid of the gay bars, Chuck E. Cheese’s, Lane Bryant, et al. If they own the land and want to put on a Christian theme play, what’s it to you?
    It’s interesting to see how a supposed progressive is so intolerant.

  • It’s nice to have a wholesome place and Lakewood church not far away, too, so they might really start something so for the unprogressed to that they might be about to open your eyes to something.

  • Shannon, really? It surprises me that you get all upset that a theatre with “Christian values” decides to go up near the Galleria. It’s a bit hypocritical of you to act intolerant of people who apparently have different beliefs than you. Not to burst your bubble, but there are plenty of church-going people who live inside the loop; do they all agree on the same things? No, but most people seem to be respectful of others beliefs, even if they don’t agree with them.

  • @Shannon, it’s not your money being spent, and there’s nothing forcing you to attend any of their performances, so why would you care? Why would you care if Bob McNair spends his money any way he wants?

  • “I agree, the people who will use this won’t live in the Galleria area, they’re out in Tomball”

    AD Players ‘ current facility is on West Alabama just west of Kirby and has been for years, but whatever. Clearly Houston would be a better place if progressively enlightened Shannon were running everything.

  • I’d be OK with it if the “Christian values” they’re talking about are “real” Christian values, the kind where they understand what the Bible means and not just what it says. And the kind who welcome people of ALL religions and cultures to their theatre. The kind of values my parents taught me and my siblings. If not, then those who don’t want to go there should go somewhere else, as there’s plenty to choose from. That’s certainly what I would do.

  • Hmmm, yes, I’m sure the Temple is all on board with these “Christian Values”–I am a huge supporter of the Reform Jewish Congregations, they’re incredibly progressive and very philanthropic oh and I’ve been to the Holocaust Museum in Washington and Berlin as well
    as the Anne Frank museum–I’m fully versed on the Holocaust and its devestating toll.

  • For someone well versed in the horrors of the holocaust as you are, Shannon, you certainly have no problem demanding that certain groups be confined to certain areas. There’s a word for that; I believe it’s concentration. I suppose ghetto would work just as well, but with those two terms, I think it’s already clear where this is going, so long as you keep thinking for yourself.

  • Calm, rational discussions of religion on the internet: 0

    Hyperbolic, absurd crap-slinging pointless arguments about religion on the internet: ∞

    I am not a religious guy myself, but these guys have their own capital and their own prerogative, so last time I checked they are free to do whatever they legally want with it. Don’t worry about it.

  • being progressive must mean being intolerant. why would anyone want to be associated with that. science these days is a religion by another name. some are zealous about it too. :)

  • Shannon: A.D. Players has been in the Upper Kirby area for as long as I can remember and they seem to do quite well there. The Galleria isn’t all that far away. I’m not a Christian but have been to several plays there and plan to see Godspell when it’s there this summer. I really don’t understand why you get your panties in such a wad over something that really isn’t any of your business. It’s not like they are moving into your Southhampton neighborhood or the Rice area where you like to hang out, all tan and buff (your words)

  • Changing the subject – I’m thrilled that Houston will have even more theatre spaces in the future. There are lots of stories to be told and many ways to take advantage of these spaces. AD Players has done some great work in the past, and I look forward to seeing even better work and collaborations to come.

    Houston is already a destination city for museums, food, shopping – I’d like to see us become a destination city for theatre as well.

  • This group must have announced or heard that this would be featured on Swamplot—I don’t recognize any of these user names and it’s comical how 90 percent are all for this Christian Theater–so typical

  • Shannon what’s comical is your utter cluelessness. I see 4 regular poster’s comments and while I could care less if a Christian themed playhouse , a pig farm or a statue of the world’s largest penis gets built there, your condescension towards anyone who doesn’t think as you is laughable considering you are part of a minority group trying harder then ever to be accepted by mainstream society.

  • Yikes Shannon. Really showing your ignorance..

  • While I’m a regular reader of swamplot, Shannon, I rarely post, but your attitude is bringing me out of the shadows for a moment. I’m an athiest who has been to one production at AD Players (the recent, and quite excellent, Anne Frank), a company which has been successful for decades inside the loop, successful enough to survive a recession and push through with enough support to realize their long term goal of building a new home. I don’t share Mrs. George’s religious beliefs, but I share her passion for theatre, and I respect her ability to keep her dream alive. So, Shannon, please put a cork in it, or if you must spew, spew in some other direction.

  • Hey Shannon – I’ve been a poster almost since the beginning of Swamplot (I use a couple of different ID’s based on topics). I meant what I said – I’m just happy to have even more theatre spaces in our city. With the Alley’s renovation in the next year (and upgrades to UH’s theatres to accommodate this), and a newly announced opera theatre to be built at Rice, I’m looking forward to an even more vibrant theatre scene and further collaborations between our arts organizations in years to come.

    I hope, when you have cooled off a bit, you will consider sampling a play at AD Players with eyes and mind wide open.

  • Shannon, perhaps it’s because we don’t comment on every post that you may not recognize me, but I’ve been a Swamplot reader, tipster, etc. for years. Again, you assume incorrectly that “90 percent are all for this Christian Theater–so typical” . I am not opposed to her building a theatre of her persuasion, it doesn’t mean that I’m automatically in favor of it. I respect her right to do so, though — like most readers do.