Daily Demolition Report: Out of Fashion

Done with that treadmill? Gotta put something else here instead.


Commercial Structures


Photo of former 24 Hour Fitness, 1500 Post Oak Blvd.: Houston Business Journal

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  • this was a nice gym without enough parking back in the day

  • Ah the former Q Fitness/24 Hour–that gym had the hottest guys back in the day–fun place to workout, but yeah, AWFUL parking, almost as bad as the Golds in Turtle Creek in Dallas–it really was the place to workout along with Fit and the Bally’s in The Village–but this property was way to valuable to sustain a gym forever–good memories of working out here among other things

  • I had a membership back in 1997-ish when it was the Q. I never noticed the parking because I walked over from work.

    I guess I thought this one had been torn down a long time ago. I stay away from the Galleria/Uptown/Post Oak area as much as possible.

  • I had a 1-month trial membership back when it was the Q. I don’t remember the parking being so bad, but getting in and out of the n’hood when I didn’t work or live there was too much.

  • After a long hiatus, I finally did notice some activity inside this building last Friday. So, is it confirmed that this is the beginning of the actual demo?