Daily Demolition Report: Prague Sprung

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday city offices were open.

Nothing changes on New Years Day — at least nothing permitted. Stragglers from last year are here:



Photo of 106 Oak Pl..: HAR

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  • Pretty home on Oak Place. To have survived all these years in nearly original condition (at least on the exterior) and be torn down now seems a shame.

  • Even brick houses with wraparound porches aren’t immortal in Houston.

  • Is that the last original house on Oak Place and Oak Court? God, that was a beautiful little enclave until the “luxury apartments” came and destroyed it.

  • I’m surprised that house lasted this long. i used to drive around that area in the 80’s thinking what a great location it was. Realistically, it was always going to become apartments. Nothing else would be economic there. By the early 80’s there were very few houses remaining, and the proximity to the 4th Ward likely discouraged a lot of people from trying to build there.

  • Looks like a piece of junk to me. Good riddance.