Trader Joe’s Braces Itself for a Woodlands Shopping Center Landing

That’s it, right there, next to Petco: Trader Joe’s first Houston-area store, now in fetal form in the shopping center at 10868 Kuykendahl Rd., across the street from the H-E-B at Woodlands Pkwy. New Swamplot reader Michael E. sends these pix showing how far construction has progressed since the dusty days of last November. The steel frame is up! When do the multi-pack avocados come in?


Photos: Michael E.

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  • I don’t understand the hype for Trader Joe’s. I absolutely abhor that all of their produce is packaged (what an environmental waste). Two buck Chuck is disgusting. Is it the cheap convenience food? It’s disgusting.

  • The very negative comment about Trader Joe’s using words such as “abhor” and “disgusting” and “waste” made me wonder if Susana has ever actually set foot in one. Her descriptions don’t come close to the facts of the Trader Joe’s stores I’ve frequented in other states, their packaging, or their wine. If it turns out to be as Susana describes then most of us won’t shop there, but somehow I doubt that will be the case.

  • Any update on the Alabama Theater location on Shepherd? Is the deal still on?

  • I have frequented Trader Joe’s as a college student in CA. I don’t think they carry much grown up food though. They are famous for their house frozen food. I’m not sure if that appeals to you, but I don’t consider any of that stuff edible.

    The packaging on the produce is a big problem. It’s inconvenient to me as a shopper because I like to hand pick my produce. It disturbs me on an environmental level.

    I’m grateful that I don’t have to go to anymore art shows that serve two buck Chuck (the two dollar wine for college kids and really cheap post-college adults).

    It is overrated. That’s my opinion.

  • They are absolutely not overrated, They are a hidden Jem that I’m sure most Houstonians will enjoy. When I lived in California they had fresh produce. Not sure they will have that here (prob cause most of our produce comes from there anyhow). If you ever been to one you will be back. their product mix is always unique with syuff you cant find anywhere else. Its also backed by their commitment to not sell junk with preservatives and MSG and excellent buys on California wines. Any who oppose TJ’s wont admit its not TJ’s it’s that they just don’t like California or their businesses. Even Exceptional ones like Trader Joes. Pure Jealously. JMO

  • I’ll take WFs any day. But, I am more concerned with quality, than price.

  • I love California and I lived there for many years. What a bizarre and childish accusation. My real issue with Trader Joe’s lies with the overpackaging of their produce. There’s no need to package peaches or apples or tomatoes. It’s an environmental waste. I just don’t think they have quality produce (neither does WF for that matter) I feel the same way about HEB.

    Their grocery stores are small and carry a lot of convenience food, frozen or microwave foods. No thanks. Enjoy the junk food and cheap wine. Two Buck Chuck a quality wine? Muahaha.

  • I lived in Connecticut for years and they had a regular produce section, except stuff like heirloom tomatos came in boxes.

    If you don’t like TJ’s, Sue, don’t go. And I won’t see you there.

  • I always stop by Trader Joes when I visit family, because they carry products I can’t get at WH or Central Market. My concern with the new store is its location. Since I have to drive for over an hour and pass the airport to get to it, it might be tempting to just fly to one of their other stores. But to be serious, the Woodlands in NOT a central location.

  • The Woodlands is central to the Northern half of Houston, thank you! I have only been to WF once since we moved here b/c it is so blasted far away. You in the south get WF, we, up here, get TJ’s. A fair trade my pocket book will gladly make.

    And prepackaged produce? The Nashville store had nothing of the sort, unless we’re talking some apples or citrus in bulk bags. We had awesome produce up there. Counting the minutes until TJ’s opens in the Woodlands.

  • The Woodlands is darn lucky to ger the first Trader Joe’s in the area. Wonderful nuts, dried fruits, breads, dairy products and coffee & tea. Big wine selection. And they are a lot cheaper than Whole Foods. TJ will compete w/ HEB Central Mkt. I’ve been waiting for one in the Houston area.

  • We’ll be driving in from College Station! We never got produce at TJ’s (except bananas), not in Boston, Los Angeles, or Illinois, so that’s irrelevant to us. But nuts, cheeses, frozen veggie mixes, fun sauces, fruit sweetened jams… man I miss their selection.

  • I don’t concur with any of the negative comments. Trader Joe’s is an absolutely fabulous franchise! The customer service, return policy and laid-back atmosphere in the Queens,New York store is outstanding! I only hope that the Woodlands store does not hire any of those Texans that have the aloof, cocky unfriendly attitude that we have so often encountered since moving here from NY. Oh yeah, and BTW, the food is way better than anything we have encountered in Texas!

  • @#13

    Sounds like you regret the move and perhaps should move again……back to NY.

  • Excited that there are negative comments – Glad you won’t be crowding the ailes when I shop!

  • Well, I am SOOO excited to be getting a Trader Joe’s in Houston! I just moved back home after living in CA. for 2 1/2 years. I fell in love with the store. I think I realzed it more after I got back to Houston. It’s very different from our traditional grocery stores but that’s what makes it so cool. The food is healthier and you won’t find any typical familiar brands. The prices there were good and I hope they will compare here. Also, if you’re looking for organics, they’ve got some good stuff. I’ve really been missing some of my favs. Counting the days…