Daily Demolition Report: Rambam

Swamplot’s handy guide to the locations of the latest knockdowns:


Commercial and Community Structures


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  • 903 W. Main is a lovely Prairie style home in First Montrose Commons. The owner of it and the neighboring home 909 W. Main, an even grander Craftsman, will demolish both homes for replacement with eight townhouses (likely four story, given the density).

    But he’s saving the trees, so apparently the civic association is ok with the plans!

    First Montrose Commons is currently working on an application to become a city historic district. And these two homes contribute to that historic fabric.

  • My blood pressure regarding lovely old homes being trashed started going down when I finally realized that living in Houston is like having a Friend With Benefits – needs and wants will be regularly met, sometimes quite admirably, but get sentimental about anything and you’re going to get hurt. It’s easier to just live the moment to one’s advantage and seek permanence elsewhere in the future. I pay my taxes and strive to be a responsible member of the community, but I don’t see myself here in 10 years.

  • Well put, Hellsing. I’m a native, though, and I can envision what this city could be with proper planning and a decent preservation ordinance. I just have to keep trying!

  • I’ll do my small part by keeping my sweet old inherited cottage in tip-top shape to pass on to my niece & her family – they love it as much as I do. There’s a lovely retirement community awaiting me in Hingham, MA (incorporated 1635!). Figured I’d get my history fix along with some snow in my golden years, and I understand a hurricane may pop in in case I get homesick. :)

  • I see myself living here for the next 30-40 years due to the fact that there is no planning. The city is real and organic in its nature and how it grows.

  • /\It’s organic in how it grows alright, like a stinkhorn fungus…

  • ^^^

    You take the beautiful with the ugly instead of a contrived planned trash that gets pushed out in many cities.