Getting Around the East Downtown Soccer Blockstopper

Worried the Dynamo soccer stadium planned for the superblock between Texas, Dowling, Hutchins, and Walker is gonna block traffic between Downtown and the East End? Citizen rail designer Christof Spieler solves the tangle:

There are two parts to this idea. The first is to make Texas alongside the stadium a two-way street. Instead of two eastbound traffic lanes and two light rail tracks, Texas gets two eastbound traffic lanes, two westbound traffic lanes, and two light rail tracks. That all fits in the existing right of way. The second part is to use the “squiggle” in the light rail tracks for traffic lanes as well. This does two things: it gives the westbound traffic on Texas a way to go, and it cleans up those messy intersections.

So now, to get from the East End to Downtown, you simply follow Harrisburg, which flows right into Texas, and then you make a left turn onto Capitol. And you will not hit an awkward intersection or have to cross the rail line to do it.

Map: Christof Spieler

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  • My biggest issue with this line is how it interacts with the Main St. Line. It’s not fun and you can’t transfer between the two.

  • Two words…. Danger Train. Two more words…. Metreaux unaccountable. A couple more….. money pit. Yet two more…. dishonest projections. Two additional…. stray current.

  • Channeling a little Royko there CK? LOL

    Although I completely disagree with METRO’s light rail, the current direction at least in the next 4 year up in DC is that massive amounts of funding will go towards rail programs.

    Unless a major change occurs in 2010, we have to wait until 2012. If the money gets allocated, I at least want it to come back to Houston.

    Is it a good way to spend our taxpayer dollars. No, but if it’s going to be spent, we my might as well take it.