Daily Demolition Report: Redstoned

2241 Wroxton Rd., Southampton, Houston

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

A Rising Star falls, and other adventures in building disappearance.


Commercial & Community Structures


Photo of 2241 Wroxton Rd.: HAR

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  • I wonder what is signified by ‘Richmond Cummins’? It does not appear to be the network of diesel shops I was expecting.

  • Shame about the Wroxton Rd house. I wonder how long the owners lived there and if they knew when selling the liklihood of demolition?

  • Richmond [&] Cummins is the intersection of that strip mall.

  • @Gisgo. Richmond Cummins = Corner of Richmond Ave. and Cummins St. There will be a new mixed use building there. It will take up the whole block, minus the car wash which will still remain. Retail and restaurants on bottom, a dozen or so stories of office above. Transit corridor standards have been applied to the building, so basically 0′ setback and a nice ped. realm. A vast improvement of what is currently there. The most recent planning commission agenda should give you an idea, it is the Richmond Central subdivision.