Filling the Katy Prairie with Houses; Metro North Line Sneak Peek

Downtown construction skyline

Photo of SkyHouse Houston construction Downtown: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The new Metro line looks great, cool etc but only a 14 mph net speed? So it really won’t save someone time compared to driving but it will save money. So the argument that this line will be nothing more than a fancy bus for lower income people seems logical for now.

  • Is there no way to better manage the traffic lights so as to allow the train to go faster?

  • And it begins… Sealy is now a suburb of Houston. I guess it’s time for gated communities to pop up touting how close they are to Downtown and IAH.

  • If the light rail develops like Dallas’, then the outer spacing between stations is greater. the problem is they have so many stops in downtown. once they get outside of 610, there should be only a couple between 610 and 8, then a couple outside 8, so if you are already close to town, it would be about the same time, but if you are suburban, it would get you to DT within approx 45 min – which saves some hassle, and maybe sometime. Personally, I would use this / and have used it / as long as the network has good stops. keep developing this and never stop is my suggestion.

  • I guess they would close one of the existing lanes on I-10 to make it a toll lane? Uh, no. We’ve already paid for that lane.

  • Pfft, not sure why you assume they would take one of the free lanes. I would assume that they would convert the existing diamond HOV lane to either a toll lane or a HOT lane. That would be the easiest and most logical.

  • I doubt many people will be traveling from N 610 to TMC on the the new light rail expansion.

  • I’m not sure how much use the westbound toll lanes would see, but I bet you the eastbound toll lanes would see good use. I-10 gets very congested at the EB entrance ramp just east of Highway 6. Morning AND afternoon.