El Gran Malo To Open English-Language Version Downtown

EL GRAN MALO TO OPEN ENGLISH-LANGUAGE VERSION DOWNTOWN It must be that like attracts like: Another restaurant is getting ready to open near Market Square Park, reports Culturemap’s Eric Sandler: This time, it’s El Big Bad, a Downtown translation of the original El Gran Malo at 2307 Ella Blvd in Shady Acres. El Big Bad will take up that corner pocket at 419 Travis most recently vacated by Pepper Jack’s (and Cabo before that) on the block bound by Preston, Prairie, Main, and Travis — that’s where Hines has said it just might build a residential tower and across Travis from where the 41-story Gensler-designed International Tower just might be going up too. [Culturemap; previously on Swamplot] Photo of former Pepper Jack’s: H-Town in Pics

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  • Time to see if a new restaurant can break the curse of this property

  • El Gran Malo is brilliant. Rucker is an amazing chef. This is just within walking distance for lunch for me. Can’t wait.

    If the recent group of new restaurants and bars make a go of it, downtown may finally emerge with a very nice dining and bar scene. Who knows. One day, people may actually live downtown, too. Awwww. Is Houston finally growing up?

  • #2 – There’s already at least 6000 residents downtown at last count. They’re projecting that number will rise to 10,000 in the next few years, what with all the residential that’s being built.

  • Cabo was actually around for a number of years – far longer than I ever thought its food and (alleged) service justified. The Big Bad would be a dandy addition if it’s as good as the Ella location.

  • Great news! Best of luck to them

  • “El Big Bad”? Are they really going to Spanglify the name like that?

  • The building is a treasure. Glad to see it put to use. Frank’s has been there for a long time. Great location. Pepper Jack’s had bad service. Food ok but a very long wait.

  • I wish them well, but… HORRID choice on the name.