Daily Demolition Report: Scraping Away at Greater Truth

A pioneer tin house prototype in Rice Military gets turned into scrap. And an Allwood structure too.


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 507 Roy St.: HAR

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  • That is a hell of a turn-around time! Everything new is old again.

  • How long ago was the 507 Roy (Tin House) built? Still looks good…

  • It must have been built around ’79-80. I remember working on another ‘tin house’ around the corner in ’82, and the one on Roy had been there awhile. Wasn’t it designed for a deMenil family member?

  • 1974. Designed Eugene Aubry and Hossein Oskouie of S.I. Morris Associates for art dealer Fredericka Hunter. Very sad.

  • oh right! I was working for Hossein O. in ’82. Sad indeed to see it go. Wasn’t it the *first* tin house in West End?

  • I attended many music concerts at
    Fredericka’s house. Its soaring two-story
    gallery was quite unique . . . but the
    developer will put two 4-story things in
    its place . . . sad to see such a fine
    home demolished.

  • The entire lot was scraped yesterday. Not a tree or shred of anything left. Hello 6 townhomes!

  • What a shame…so much Houston art history happened at 507 Roy. It was a beautiful home.

  • I had the opportunity to work on a project with Hossein around ’03-’04. He built a really solid house and was a great guy to work with. Sad to see his early work get scraped like that.