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  • I think the Finding Nemo mural in the master bathroom is far more interesting than the ginormous garage. I thought maybe Nemo was hiding in the closet, er, “coral cave,” but no – it appears he’s hiding from the sting rays over there by the sink… Jump, Nemo! All drains lead to the ocean!

  • Can’t quite tell, is that can scuplture of a stock car made out of beer cans or red bull cans?

  • It looks like a mobile home on steroids. I work in that market a lot and it would shock me if that home is able to get $1.2 million. The home is just way too custom (in a bad way) to appeal to the average luxury home buyer in that area.

  • They look like Miller Lite cans, jimbo. Driving under the influence never looked so good.

  • Quite a listing but hey — I want to meet that two-headed realtor!

  • I don’t know what I like more, a urinal in a residential bathroom, or the sign above it.

  • “So, uh, why ya sellin’ the spread, Buck?”
    “For some durn reason, I need a dadgum liver transplant.”

  • So this is really a steel building converted into a house. I was having trouble identifying the architectural style. Looks to me like someone won a lawsuit and then built this place with the proceeds.

  • Mom (or Nana, as the case may be)- thanks for putting photos of me in a frame and not on the side of the washer.

  • there’s more cowbell in that house than all the rest of houston combined. i’ve got a fever!

  • So, which side is front?

  • Wow..What a mesh!

  • Apparently, this is not their first attempt at selling.


  • I used to live down the road from this house. Alot of the houses on the road are really over done. It is truly a steel building with 3 or 4 large bay doors on one side.

    They’ve been trying to sell the house themselves as alreayd mentioned for about a year or so.

    It’s in a mixed area. Some really nice and huge houses and some really really scary run down shacks.

  • Good to see Ricky Bobby is driving fast again. El Diablo probably found some new talent at the Wizard’s Den with this new pad.

  • Best find in weeks. I did the math on this one:

    7 visible TVs (not counting the limo or the bus, but they had antennae).
    6 visible cowboy hats.
    13 visible crosses.
    1 visible faux-rustic lone star. (I was really expecting more of those. Kinda makes me sad.)
    0 visible books.

    That was epic. I may go back for more.

  • Correction.

    14 crosses. I missed one on a picture frame.