Daily Demolition Report: Sixty-Something More

Update: Ladies and gentlemen, your patience has been rewarded with the following mayhem. (Links below.)

Oh, yes — another biggie today. Your patience, please, while the data is carefully crunched and mangled. All the dangerous-building destruction you so richly deserve, coming up.


Commercial Structures


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  • This is the 2nd day that the Daily Demo Report has come out and there is no listing of structures permitted for demolition. Is someone getting lazy at the office?

  • Is COH on a campaign here? Why so many demos of buildings that look like they’ve been dangerous for years?

  • I know that you post the Google map position of the demo’s, but it would be cool if you could post one map with all the locations marked. That way I could tell the relative position of the five demo’s in 77004 from yesterday, for example.

  • They will update this post later today… as they did yesterday…

  • Another Demo Day is happening this weekend.

  • The City is probably destroying them to avoid paying the rain tax.

    (Yes, it charges itself.)

  • RETrong Thai: They are tearing down a ‘massage parlor’? Please tell me they aren’t going to build it bigger and better!
    Like the ‘massage parlor’ at Shepherd and Sul Ross.