Gardening from the Sky

GARDENING FROM THE SKY And the Brays Bayou-side Google Earth image updates are in: “This week, I was checking things out on GE and low and behold, my latest flower bed addition was clearly visible from the sky. I know this image is very recent, because I installed the bed over the Christmas holidays – before that it was struggling St. Augustine grass. Now anyone in the world can zoom in and see the shape of the dirt covered with bark mulch (no large plants yet, but they sprung up nicely this spring).” [HoustonGrows] Image: Google Earth

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  • …judging from the state of the framing of the addition to my backyard-to-backyard neighbor’s house that is visible in the current/new Google Earth sat image, I think the image must have been shot/captured in late March (2011). There was a very short window when the wood framing was in, but the roof was incomplete (as in the image)

  • That sounds about right, as my recently installed gutters also appear. Incidentally, I was sitting on my porch the day the Street View car drove by about two weeks ago, so expect some new Street View imagery soon as well.

  • The google earth image of our previous house was taken the day we brought our child home from the hospital. Our car is parked in the driveway and the “it’s a ____” sign is visible in the yard. Love it! :-)

  • I noticed updated aerials of my ‘hood too — Ella Square Apts (demoed in Dec) now appears as a big brown lot. Looking forward to my updated drive-by (the current snap is circa 2008, judging from the foliage.

  • Whereas the City’s rain tax, uh, drainage pictures date from January 2010. They’re also a lot fuzzier.

  • I just did a google maps search of my place and I noticed the giant lake that they dug out in my “backyard” for this myserious Buffalo Lakes project. You would never has guessed something was going on back there because of the heavily wooded area. No water fille din yet but they cleared out the entire tract. I kept hoping something would develop back there and looks like there is finally some activity. I hope it runs through to completion! Looks like it’ll be a good use of the area.

  • I saw the street view car go by my office on Sabine Street a couple of weeks ago. Should be easy to tell when they update it-the Eisele House will be in my office’s backyard, and the lot one space down on Sabine won’t show the half-demoed house visible anymore.

  • Just noticed that I can now see our Midtown Community Garden, 2720 Baldwin Street, but on street view, the lot is still empty.