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  • damn, yet another Oak Forest/77018 one bites the dust :(

  • This is a few houses down from me and I had heard it would be torn down. Fortunately, the new construction in this part of Oak Forest has been smaller homes that blend in well with the existing ones. Hoping 1426 will continue that trend. Our block has had several homes nicely renovated, but this will be the first complete tear down. The neighborhood is great, so I’m not surprised to see the development continue to spread.

  • Oak Forest originals are nothing to miss. The new stuff is a mixed bag of taste, but all spec level construction or better.

    I look forward to 2025, when the streets of Oak Forest will be a replica of Bellaire, and the 3 bedroom, 1 bath + shed car port with vinyl siding will be a thing of the past.

  • Now that Black Middle School is a remodeled Vanguard School, the demos will accelerate.

  • I’m not a big fan of the carports or vinyl siding either, but new construction isn’t the only alternative. There are plenty that have been recently upgraded with more appealing floor plans and an attractive front elevation that maintains the original look.

    Not everyone needs 3,500 sq ft to tolerate their family. Kidding. Sort of.

  • My partner and I live in a new construction home in Oak Forest. I love our house but I keep wondering if we bought the house next door and tore it down could we build another structure on it and have a large yard? Anybody know the specifics? I have seen it done in Garden Oaks. I know most of you think what could we want from more space and land. Well I grew up in the suburbs and I am used to having a lot of space.

  • There is a house at Kinley and Ella that did that recently. They bought the house and the empty lot next to it, which they then fenced in to make a huge side yard.

  • charlotte: it will be interesting to see the effect of BMS vanguard status. The construction frenzy has been east of Rosslyn. If Stevens ES improved, it would be a very swift acceleration, indeed, since anyone west of Rosslyn is zoned there. Our section of Oak Forest is untouched (the exceptions being homes taken out by fire and an Ike tree fall).

  • HISD needs to tear down Stevens and replace it. It is unfair to those children to go to school in a classroom that is not a 21st century classroom. Think about all the advantages that other children have from other school districts with new buildings. HISD needs to have another bond and replace structures that are not 21st century learning centers, it only does a dis service to those students.

  • @ #10:

    Are you for real?

  • Excavator was delivered Saturday so demo should begin shortly. Heard through the grapevine, the house is going to be single story, approx 2800 sqft.