Daily Demolition Report: The Royal View

What’s coming down? Places like these, in buckets:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 501 Heights Blvd.: HAR

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  • On 501 Heights Blvd, the buyer can apply for a demo permit before they own the property? i.e. close? or did the seller do it as part of the deal? The remodel/remuddle, IMHO, was not as usuable as it could have been, but the huge apt. looming at the back & the electric utility service made it less than homey. Still, not looking forward to yet another holiday inn sized house/office.

  • I tried to contact the real estate agent about this one and have gotten no response. My husband and I are new to swamplot and are looking to move an old house out to our property in New Waverly. We moved a 1920’s house from T.C. Jester and I10 about 10 years ago where a builder was putting in condos. We love it and are looking to add on now that we have 4 kids. Is there anyone out there who can direct me in the ways of how to obtain a house that is slated for demo? I found our current house listed in the Greensheet so I’m not sure of how to do it any other way! Thanks for any help!

  • Listing agent: This home is not being demolished. The home is in the process of being sold and has a buyer. How is this information provided to this website?

  • @Joseph: The information comes from the city permit office. You can find it yourself by searching from this site. According to the records, 501 Heights Blvd. received a sewer disconnect plumbing permit on November 13th and a demo permit on the 16th. The owner/occupant is listed as Royal View Homes, and the demo permit was taken out by YC Disposal. If all this is happening without your knowledge, I’m sure a lot of people would be interested to find out what’s going on!

  • Hi, this is for Jen Weinland who wrote a while ago about acquiring old homes set for demo. Great to hear you’d like to move & reuse older homes!
    I suggest you contact Lynn at Historic Houston for any ‘head’s-up’ she can provide about good opportunities. Of course, peruse Craigslist for ‘houses to be moved,’ and also the two biggest house-movers’ websites: D.A. Drake & Cherry Demolition. There are smaller house-movers who get requests to demo places, and aren’t ready/interested to interact with shoppers… that’s how I found a nearly perfect 1930 Sears kit-house outside Katy last year, complete with the original asbestos roof tiles.