Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: Major League

Some very smart and interesting guesses in this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game!

Here’s where you thought this home might be: “Off of Highway 249, Jones Rd. and Louetta,” West University, Katy, Lakeside Estates, “around the Augusta/Bering area” (2 guesses), Riverside Terrace (also 2), “that strip between Almeda and 288,” Lakeside Place, “Barker’s Landing, between Memorial and I-10, behind the BP compound,” Gaywood, Braeswood Place, Ayrshire, Braes Heights, Braes Oaks, Braes Manor, Braes Terrace, Emerald Forest, Southern Oaks, the Rossmoyne Addition (near Bonnie Brae and Graustark), Wilchester, Clute, Meyerland, Memorial, FM 1960, along Yorktown and Sage in the Galleria, “just south of Memorial City Mall, maybe on Gessner,” Westhaven Estates, “one of the Fleetwood neighborhoods near Memorial and Highway 6), Montrose, “within a mile or 2 of Memorial and 610,” Sugar Land (2), Richmond, Sugar Creek, Quail Valley, “along Cypresswood and Louetta,” the Energy Corridor, Prestonwood Forest, “East of Eden,” The Woodlands (3), Dickinson, along Dickinson Bayou, Champions, Champion Forest, “that River Oaks Lite neighborhood between Shepherd and Kirby, north of Westheimer,” Pecan Grove, Tanglewood, Vatican City (2), Bellaire, the Museum District, Willow Meadows, Linkwood, “the ‘Ashford’ subdivisions along Briarforest west of Kirkwood,” “the older subdivisions in Pearland and Friendswood along Clear Creek,” Bay Oaks in Clear Lake, Idylwood, Briargrove Park, Spring Valley, Northfield in Fondren Southwest, Lazybrook, Timbergrove Manor, “the Shepherd Forest/Brookhollow area,” Inwood Forest (2), Bayou Bend, “the Woodstone/Woodlake Forest/Hudson Oaks area,” Tealwood, “I-10, just before the Beltway, north side of the highway,” Kingwood, River Oaks, “on Breakwood by 610 South,” Townhouse Manor, and “one of the more upscale subdivisions in outer Mongolia.”

Matt Mystery wins this one with his close-enough, uh . . . 19th guess:

The paneling is the main clue but the ceiling height is what is so mysterious – not just a high ceiling. Not a two story ceiling. It’s a one and one-half story ceiling. Wherever it is, I suspect it is a custom home. Some built custom homes in “tract” subdivisions which is what I’m wondering about – some other possibilities could be Bellaire, the Museum District, Willow Meadows, Linkwood, the “Ashford” subdivisions along Briarforest west of Kirkwood, the older subdivisions in Pearland and Friendswood along Clear Creek, Bay Oaks in Clear Lake. So many possibilities.

Yes, but this is where it is:


Location: 8 Ellis Rd., Ellis Acres, League City
Details: 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths; 3,822 sq. ft. on a 1.4-acre lot
Price: $446,900
The Scoop: Pink stucco Spanish Colonial style single-story hacienda with false mansard roofs, built in 1973 a cul-de-sac south of Clear Creek. Recently updated Kitchen and Baths; detached 2-car garage. Sunken Den with fireplace off paneled Great Room. Master Bedroom has elevated bed area. Guest Suite off service entrance includes sitting, breakfast, and kitchen areas and Sun Room. Putting green in back yard. On the market for almost 4 months; price cut twice already, a total of $28K.

Don’t believe it? Why not head to one of the 5 open houses scheduled over the next month.

We’ll start another round of the NGG on Tuesday!

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  • Isn’t it time to retire Matt’s number?

  • I somewhat second that motion…

    Or, how about one guess like the rest of the players instead of one every 4 hours.

  • Can I have his prize?

  • My, my. Looks like a Taco Bell. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. Definitely a custom home. So what did I win?

  • I didn’t read all the lovely responses – the rules don’t limit the number of guesses and my guesses were along the lines of subdivisions that had custom homes among tract homes and that area along Clear Creek is one of them. Sorry I know Houston so well.

  • I’ve given my other prizes away so I guess I’ll give this one away since everyone is so snarky considering no one was close except for:

    From tcpIV:
    The place seems Dickinsonian. Perhaps it’s some place along Dickinson Bayou or opposite, maybe Champions Forest.

    Not too far from Clear Creek. Which is sort of the same in terms of custom homes mixed in here and there. Just not as much as along Clear Creek. Don’t know that Taco Bell is Dickinsonian but I guess the interior is possibly Dickininsonian.

    It would be nice to know what I’ve given away.

  • From Matt Mystery:
    Sorry I know Houston so well.

    Your combined guesses covered a little over 591 square miles. Congrats…on ruining it.

  • finding myself in the odd position between annoyance at Matt’s bazillion guesses to smiling at his obvious enthusiasm. Seeing as he only won the glory of winning this week, I was going to be merciful, until he rubbed his victory in our faces. Hey, Matt, the “rules” were mostly unwritten, as in, you don’t guess half the city. (although didn’t somebody guess “within 6 miles of Transco Tower” once? About a hundred-square-mile area?) It’s just tacky. So unless you want to win first place at tackiness, rivalling some of the homes we’ve seen, how about restraining yourself a little, Matt? Maybe your top 4 guesses?

  • Well no offense but a lot of you weren’t even guessing. Despite some clues I myself gave you. Part of it was being tongue-in-cheek. Point is I did know it was a custom home among the spec/tract housing somewhere. There are quite a few subdivisions along Clear Creek. One of you could have at least guessed a subdivision or narrowed it down. Instead you snark about your inability to do so. Have fun with the game. I’ve folded.

  • “(although didn’t somebody guess “within 6 miles of Transco Tower” once? About a hundred-square-mile area?) It’s just tacky.”

    That may be a tacky guess, but it does seem like a rather brilliant one to me. For those of us who don’t know all the names of Houston’s neighborhoods (much less their geographic locations), submitting a guess of “within 20 miles of Houston City Hall” might just make winning this contest a remote possibility.

  • “Within six miles of Transco” and “within 20 miles of City Hall” sound like apples and oranges to me. I have a clear sense of the immediate Transco/Post Oak area, but within 20 miles of City Hall sounds like the entire Inner Loop area, or maybe even within Beltway 8.

  • I think that’s the idea…

  • Hey, Matt, we’re just askin’ that you restrain your ferventness to a couple of guesses. I didn’t guess this time because my guesses were already taken. Plus I was more interested in trying to figure out the origins of the “artifacts”. Don’t fold ’em, just hold ’em, OK? So come on over to Red Bed Net & give us your input.