Daily Demolition Report: Tiel Repeal

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Loss and demolition, death and life are one. There falls no shadow where there shines no sun.


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Photo of 48 Tiel Way: Redfin

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  • Another Kamrath gone. Damn!

  • J90, perhaps you should have bought it. Had you done so, you could preserve and maintain it.

  • The intention was to preserve it. And perhaps what replaces the Kamrath house will also be a classic 50 years from now.

  • I was in the Tiel Way house several times. It was really cool. Unfortunately, that parrot was really LOUD. Still, too bad the house couldn’t be loved by someone else.

  • Am assuming it was Harvey’d since it was right on the bayou. Still, a darn shame to lose it.

  • As much as I’d like to cry “criminal”, it was a Harvey victim. My husband and I drove around Tiel Way after the storm to check on all the Mackie and Kamraths. There were several homes on the street that flooded- and not just by a few inches but into their second levels. One of the things that make the Kamrath’s of this era (and really, many high end midcentury homes) so gorgeous and unique is the abundant use of wood panels for all walls, doors, built in storage cabinets and seating – everything. But it also makes them particularly expensive and hard to fix after extensive water damage.

    As swamplot reported earlier this year, the home at 2 Tiel Way was bought with the intention to restore but had so much termite and water damage it would have cost double to restore compared to a full rebuild price. So that’s what they are doing- rebuilding the same house and using the original blue print designs to do it. It’s a controversial choice but in my opinion it’s the best architectural conservation alternative to demolition. But not everyone has the resources to undertake something like a full architectural rebuild. So while the demo of this house, one of Kamrath’s finest, is certainly a punch in the gut… I get it. They probably would have saved it if they could.

    Tiel Way was the last concentration of Mackie and Kamrath’s great residential works, at one point having 7 homes on the loop. After this demolition we will be down to 2.5: the gold brick awarded restoration at 67 Tiel Way (which thankfully, did not appear to have Harvey flooding issues), Kamrath’s own residence at 8 Tiel Way (definitely flooded, but appears to be safe at the moment), and the rebuild currently in progress at 2 Tiel Way.

    48 Tiel Way won’t be the only midcentury treasure lost to Harvey, but it’s certainly one of the saddest to see go.

  • Thanks for the info Rabbit, good to know.
    I commend the re-creators of this property: crazy but awesome!!