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  • Brought to you in amazing Technicolor!

  • Cars are welcome to come right in the front. People, go ’round back!

  • Da heck is going on with pricing in Near Northside? I suppose $200/sf isn’t that crazy, but Refuge is building a bunch of houses up there, trying to sell them for $250-$275/sf. Neighborhood is pretty good crime-wise, but that seems awful steep for a neighborhood still predominated by mid-20th century development and still-operating light industrial.

  • Building the first anti-community houses in the neighborhood I guess makes you pioneers. Bravely wading into a sea of open lawns and front porches with your high gate and garage door.

  • 2000 ft away from where that rail car explosion occurred earlier this year. Across the street from the Hardy Yards which will probably be a construction mess for at least a decade. Hopefully the Hardy Yard developers don’t create localized flooding issues for the houses just north of it. If the I45 project moves forward, you’d also have to deal with I45 and I10 being rerouted to run just south of the Hardy Yards. Seems like a lot of headaches to justify spending top dollar.

  • @Mike – Anti-community is as the residents do. I don’t have to leave my front lawn open to any and all passerby in the middle of a city. This is how you build if you want density but still have houses rather than condos, like NYC and their brownstones (admittedly, making them detached loses some space, but it’s progress).
    It’s perfectly possible to be pro-community and still not have a porch. Just like it’s totally possible to be a curmudgeonly hermit with a front lawn and open space all around. Go out and visit neighbors. Talk through the front gate as you pass by. Have community events. Ring the danged doorbell!
    The only reason other townhome neighborhoods have no sense of community is because they’re filled with people that don’t want to be involved, or are working their tails off to pay for the house and don’t have time to socialize.

  • Does the price reflect purchasing both? The listing is a tad bit confusing and there are pictures included from both structures.

  • @kokatat – No, the other one is already occupied. Their address is 1503 (Swamplot’s link has this house address wrong, it’s 1505).

  • “Ring the doorbell-” remind me again where the front door is? All I see fronting the home are massive doors for car storage #AutoCentric

  • On Google street view, the Taqueria La Macro truck is parked next door. Probably worth an extra $100k in that case.