Daily Demolition Report: Varsity Blues

4375 Varsity Ln., University Oaks

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

We may encounter many demolitions, but we must not be defeated.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 4375 Varsity Ln.: HAR

2 Comment

  • That is one gnarly oak in front of Varsity–figuratively and literally. Though, of course its destined for the same wood-pile as that house.
    In a neighborhood like University Oaks, a solid-build 1939 home should have been a profitable renovation project, even if the foundation was nothing but dust and the roof was more pine needle than shingle.
    I’m guessing that the builder behind the giant new-build that just sold a few houses down the street wants to put up another monstrous lot-gobbling architectural tossed salad.

  • I’ve been in that house. There was nothing salvagable about it. I’ll miss those oak trees, though.

    I’m afraid there’s nothing that is going to stop the McMansionification of University Oaks, unfortunately.