Midway’s Latest Plans for the KBR Site; Big Turnout for the Public Housing Vouchers Waiting List


Photo of Allen Parkway parking: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Midway’s Project on former KBR site in the East End
    Quoted from article: >>The name “East River” evokes an “industrial waterfront development,” he said. “It feels like it could almost be in New York City.”<<
    I don't think NYC residents view the East River as being "desirable" so I'd be careful to not market our version too closely to the NYC version. Heck, there's a Seinfeld episode where Kramer gets sick/stinky from swimming in the East River. Why not call it "The River at Buffalo Bayou" or "East End Centre" (yuck on that pretentious spelling, though)?

  • Re East River: Ugh, another copied name from NYC. We’ve got the East Village being developed (or is it east village, in all lowercase?), we’ve got downtown/midtown/uptown (none of which make any directional sense like they do in NYC), and now we have this. Is the area around it going to start to be called The Upper East Side?

  • KBR Lot is going to be slowly rolled out over the next 10 to 15 years and will transform the east end of downtown. In the mean time, there will be an additional 500 to 1500 homes build in the immediate area and hopefully a grocery store.

  • At least they didn’t call it eado river. I’ve seen the eado brand slapped on home listings east of telephone rd.
    Nothing can stop the east end’s renaissance. The bayou is a true river over there and this city needs a real riverfront experience, not just tacky fake names to become legit. I really hope Midway and whoever else gets their hands on the other hot parcels doesn’t screw it up.

  • Re “nothing can stop the east end’s renaissance”: it will continue building out, but if you think it’s going to become anywhere near as desirable as the west side (inside the loop), you’re mistaken. Proximity to heavy industry will keep its desirability depressed.