Midway: Giant Fifth Ward KBR Site Won’t Be Called Northbank Buffalo Bayou, But Something Else Might

MIDWAY: GIANT FIFTH WARD KBR SITE WON’T BE CALLED NORTHBANK BUFFALO BAYOU, BUT SOMETHING ELSE MIGHT Former KBR Campus, 4100 Clinton Dr., Fifth Ward, HoustonA representative from Midway tells Swamplot that, while the company has been working on a trademark for the name Northbank Buffalo Bayou, it won’t be used for whatever the company is planning for the 136-acre former KBR site in Fifth Ward (which was recently bought by a Midway affiliate). The name is actually connected to another project floating around on the company’s drawing board — no confirmation yet as to exactly where that development might be located, if it comes to be, but the north bank of Buffalo Bayou seems like a reasonable guess. Wherever the moniker is applied, the US Patent and Trademark Office lists the name as intended for use related to both commercial and residential real estate marketing and construction. Also on the list of things the brand could be used for: wine and food tastings, and presenting live musical performances. [Previously on Swamplot] Listing photo of KBR site: LoopNet

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  • Downtown Post office site for Northbank Buffalo Bayou. Across from the Theater District seems like a good spot for a music relate venue. East End KBR site would be a site large enough to accommodate Turner’s theme park idea.

  • Those downtown lofts off market square are starting to look good for single 20 somethings.

  • Could this name be referring to midways tract (rumored HEB) at the corner of Studemont and Washington Ave? It is north of buffalo bayou.

  • would I be a complete a-hole if I won the lottery on Friday and decided to buy the old post office site and turn it into my personal residence? Huge fence with razor wire to keep out the homeless, lots of trees to keep out the noise, and a nice big single family house.

  • The KBR site is perfect for mixed use. The money poured into the Buffalo Bayou Park would justify a nice development. Also, since it’s not adjacent to a freeway, it should yield something better than a theme park or worse… big box stores.

  • Perhaps Buffalo Bayou is becoming the next River Oaks. If so, anything within 10 miles of the actual bayou could be getting that name.

  • @ThaChadwick I doubt it’s the old post office site as that was sold to Lovett, not Midway.

    @Kokatat The new HEB on Washington site is owned by Midway (http://swamplot.com/yes-h-e-b-is-really-talking-about-a-new-store-at-studemont-and-washington-ave/2016-03-16/). That land is 0.30mi away from the north bank of Buffalo Bayou across Spotts Park, Memorial Dr, and Buffalo Bayou Park.

  • @Walker Midway has partnered with Lovett on the Post Office site, although the name of proposed redevelopment has previously gone by “Central Post”


  • Toasty, you wouldn’t be an a-hole. You’d be a Democrat with lots of money.

  • This is where ExxonMobil should have built their giant campus. I said it then and I say it now. Missed opportunity for Mayor Parker