Daily Demolition Report: Walmart Clearance

Clearing out some space around the West End Walmart, and plus plenty more action around town:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 6502 Haskell St.: HAR

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  • The land value of that Joanel St. sale is rediculous (91K vs. a sale price of 700+K). How does one get the land value so low on a property. That must have been some miraculous petitioning.

  • I was wondering when they’d get the permit for Heights Plaza. The equipment’s been on site since late last week, and was expecting it to come at any time. I haven’t been down Yale in a while, so I haven’t been watching the former bar (which is the Yale address in the demo list today)

    Of course this makes way for the extension of Koehler St. to Heights Blvd, part of the Heights Wal-Mart project.