Daily Demolition Report: Waste Main

Time to make a change. But let’s get rid of these things first:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 7 Dolphin Ct.: HAR

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  • The Timewise (first item listed) if in front of the new store they just finished. The entire station is currently closed until it done (found out when I was on fumes last night…)

  • Re: 2002 Woodhead. Sorry to see it on the demo list, but a $110K+ flip in two years is a pretty good return on investment.

  • Aww, that Woodhead house was cute!

  • “Aww, that Woodhead house was cute!”

    Cute doesn’t cut it anymore in Montrose. Only the big, flashy, hip or selectively ancient make it here.

  • Noooooo!!! I loved that Woodhead house. When it was first for sale, I kept trying to figure out how to buy it.

    a real travesty.

  • More douchery coming to Woodhead.