Headlines: Fracking Friday in Cleveland; A Drive-Thru Donut Shop in River Oaks

Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • today is flag day

  • ..” She says southeast downtown doesn’t have many housing options for households earning between $50,000 and $80,000 a year.

    “We all know that one of the things that can really help downtown to keep thriving and be an attractive place is more options for more people, at diverse price points, to live downtown.”
    How does having a certain income group living there keep a place “thriving” and make it “attractive”?
    More tax-funded, non-free market feel-good policies coming soon? Is this what they teach at universities these days?

  • The updated dealership looks great (possibly a prototype for future stores?), but does anyone else think having the Ford logo twice on the building front is redundant? It will be interesting to see how they’ll incorporate their existing 12ft razor wire fencing into the new design. Every time I drive past the lot going south on Durham, it looks like their cars are in a prison yard.

  • The donut story is ridonkulous. I must admit it is entertaining to see what rich people throw their money at, though.

  • It’s also a shame that there are no options for people making $50k a year in Piney Point or River Oaks. Maybe we should kick a few people out of those neighborhoods and confiscate some land to build houses for people who can’t afford to live there. I would think one of the worst things about being poor is the not having money part, it means you can’t buy stuff and you can’t live on land that costs more per square foot than you make in a month.