Skyscaping a Meyerland MCM

It’s not a James Turrell skyspace, but an updated midcentury home in Meyerland incorporates skylights, transoms, and other architectural cutouts to have some fun with the light and shadows within and around it. The 1959 property showed up on the market Tuesday, asking $499,750.


The foyer’s brick accent wall (above) is one of several in the home. This one extends into the north-facing front room currently used for streetview dining:

Its flip side tips a wall in the family room, where the lifted ceiling accommodates a clerestory that also caps an interior, to-the-ceiling divider near the kitchen:

In the kitchen, the brick becomes the backsplash — as well as a backdrop for some of the appliances.

Double-sided, peek-through hanging cabinetry added to the family-room side mimics the home’s squared-off features:

An informal dining area set up by full-height windows (above) off the kitchen looks into a side-yard patio, filling in between the living and sleeping wings:

The master bedroom (above) has its closet right around the (doorless) corner:

Three other bedrooms, including the brick-backed cell pictured below and another full bath, finish out the 2,161-sq.-ft. floor plan:

The patio measures about 20 ft. by 50 ft., and comes with this sky-framing, grid-emitting pergola:

There’s also some sculpted yardage out back . . .

and on the far side of the 8,373-sq.-ft. lot:

The home’s remodeling dates to 2009. Its previous listing suggests only slight tweaks to the interior in the interim. There’s an open house scheduled for this Sunday afternoon.

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  • This looks like a good one.

  • There are a lot of beautiful elements here, but some real jarring ones as well. Hate the granite countertops in the bathrooms and the awful lighting in the kitchen. Just puzzled by the patio area.

  • It’s not perfectly executed, but I’m happy it’s alive. Thank you.

  • Nice house overall.

    The ugly track lights and boob fixtures in the bath need to go.

    With just a little undoing of the remodel, someone could have a decent house.

    Too bad the price reflects the unfortunate “upgrades”.

  • Very nice. I wonder if the garage was original. It’s a little jarring. Nice interior brick. Patio will be fine if there’s some way to get some vines on that arbor — maybe large pots or something?

  • The inside is really nice the front needs a total redo. Wow 8300sqft lot is small for Meyerland most lots are closer to 10ksqft and not much of a backyard will turn a lot of people away

  • I see a pool in the kidney shaped grassy area.

  • I like it! don’t care for the McMansion w/ countless windows invading the backyard though