Drive-By and Walk-By Reports on the Tower Theatre’s New Headliner

A reader who’s had an eye on Montrose’s Tower Theatre ever since Hollywood Video moved out — and who became “rather upset” at the disappearance of the building’s original marquee — sends a few snapshots of the scene near the corner of Yoakum and Westheimer:

. . . I saw some workers putting up new wood a few weeks ago and painting the front of the building a few days ago.

And what do we see in these snaps?


A bright and shiny marquee going up! Add to that yesterday’s walking-by-the-spot report from now-celebrity pedestrian Brent Zius:

Just passed history in the making. Sparkle Sign Co is doing a 100% restoration of the Tower Theater marquee. New neon & the works.

Our reader has more to add:

Also, I heard that the rent the landlord was asking is rather high (as is the Alabama) and this theatre already has the leveled floor so returning it to theatre status is questionable. They’re probably more accepting of having a theatre than Weingarten, so perhaps the Drafthouse could move in here (better location, in my opinion).  I’ve additionally heard, from a friend that managed the video store, that the original balcony still exists above the drop ceiling, so that could be interesting.

Update from Hair Balls: “no tenant is planned for the space. The representative [of theater owner Beeson Properties] merely stated that they were hoping the renovated marquee and exterior would attract a client . . .”

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • So the property owner is restoring this or the new tenant?

  • Property owner doing the resto. HoustonPress ran this story yesterday.

  • Thanks,

    Well, the good news of that is the property owner has the drive to keep it that way and will find a tenant that likes the space.

  • I have long envisioned a Chances Deux taking over there. Complete with a skywalk to the older location to avoid the need for a bull crossing sign. Not to mention the ability to incorporate a “Boys Don’t Cry” movie night.

  • Don’t be fooled. There ARE tenants looking at this space right now….

  • I’d love to see the Alamo Drafthouse there, if not at the Alabama Theater location.

    Is Mo Mong part of the old theater? Would they be able to run it as a theater without that portion of the building?

  • Rumors of a Mexican restaurant. I have no details.

  • If it’s a Mexican restaurant, hopefully it’s better managed than the previous attempt at Cabo’s next door to the old theater.