Edgy 9th St. Corner Compound Now Crumbling on the Inside

Most of the corrugated metal buildings that occupied the inner sanctum at 620 W. 9th St. are down now, but the hidden Heights compound’s still got its edge. “There are strange things poking up from the fence,” the same ones that have been there for over a decade — reports a reader — sticking up, “like heads on spikes.”

Actually, not all the props on W. 9th St. east of Waverly are heads; torsos, full bodies, and skeletal figures appear as well, along with some more abstract metalwork:


And deep-in-the-heart-themed kitsch:

Before last year, the property was in the hands of Brian Zievert, a Houston artist and metal fabricator whose name shows up in the design credits for Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams, as well as Houston, a foreign drama about a German businessman’s trip to the Bayou City — where he falls deeper into alcoholism.

New owners picked up the property from Zievert last June and later filed plans to build some kind of single-family residence on it.

Before the teardown began, the complex’s interior included multiple metal structures, most of which backed up to Waverly St. Looking from 9th St., you can see one roof still up in the air:

Photos: Swamplox inbox

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