Extreme Makeover: How’s This Home Gonna Get Finished? Edition

The Johnson family may not want to come directly from the airport to their new home when they return tomorrow from their weeklong surprise vacation in Paris. “Organizers are frantic they may not be able to finish,” reports abc13’s Cynthia Cisneros, who adds that the project was still 21 hours behind schedule as of this afternoon (that’s marked down from about 30 yesterday). Meanwhile, the folks at HHN Homes have updated the company’s website for the project with a screaming headline: “Extreme Help Needed!!” and a list of specific trades they’re hoping to attract for shifts beginning 8 pm tonight and Saturday.

“Every radio station and tv station is soliciting the public for volunteers,” notes Swamplot photographer Candace Garcia, who visited the site this afternoon. And she noted evidence of more problems:


What was odd about today was there was an insulation company there, but there were laborers removing duct work that was already inside the house.

Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • Cough, so don’t care..

  • Is this the first time a winning family has been sent to Europe or elsewhere that requires a passport?

  • Something tells me Extreme Makeover will not be returning to Houston…

  • Well I was out there last night and was turned away by a lady that said she was with Hhn Homes…Might I add that I was also asked to get off the shuttle bus because same lady said that the bus was only for volunteers only and that no one was allowed to even watch..Witch I tried to do for 3 days now…( Volunteer,) They cry for help and then they run you off..There was around 40 people sent away..Well I barely had gas and wanted to help.Got baby sitters and all..Not very good at all…

  • I keep wondering how these families will pay the property tax on these huge houses. With West U at $90 a sq foot land, and Woodland Heights at $32 a sq foot land, not including the houses, how could they possibly be able to stay long. If the properties are built where land it $2.60 a sq foot, Harris Co Appraisal District will still stick it to them.

  • How long did the slab dry before they started erecting the walls??

  • I think it inevitable there will someday be an Extreme Makeover Extreme Expose when all these homes built in one week start to fall apart. Poor quality construction, poor finishes, improper curing, etc. I’m very surprised it hasn’t happened already – the show has aired for what, three or four years?

  • I find it disappointing. Extreme Makeover is begging for help and the city of Houston is not willing to step up and support.

  • How so? I thought the rain had put them behind, not lack of help.

    A few days ago, a poster here said she tried to volunteer and was turned away.

  • General Labor volunteers have to shuttle to the site and those slots filled up last week for this build. Those that can hang siding..etc.. are the only one’s they need right now. Per the hhnhomes.com website if you have skills to call the number they’ve posted. If you are general laber then they have enough. No walk ons or shuttle ins.

  • They should’ve built a smaller house on pier and beam. Big and splashy is not better.

  • Somehow, I just have to think that the deserving family has to have had some input into what this would be. Especially as to the interior. I don’t care if the house is free, I wouldn’t want something that I personally could not or did not like.

    It does rather “stand out” in the ‘hood.

    As others have commented here, the prospect of much higher taxes (which are still owed on the previous structure) and monthly upkeep (utilities), will take some real adjusting to on the part of the Johnsons. Not to mention a much larger budget.

  • Here is the thing.. Myself and many of my friends went to the Builder’s website and signed up to volunteer and NEVER Heard a word from the Volunteer coordinator and when some did they had to ” Change their times” and when told they could not take off work to cover that time they in turn given the same time they first asked for… I think there is and was a HUGE issue with organization that no one knew they really needed HELP! After I did not hear from the Builder I made other plans for my days off.. So lets not put it all on the People of Houston! We tried!!!
    I would think the folks at EHMO would have a plan in place to get the volunteers needed to get things completed on time. A set plan to make this happen. I mean this is not the first time they have done this! Is it? It’s called “WORKING TOGETHER!!!”

  • Hello to all, I volunteed as a neighbor to the Johnson family and voluntees were told they were not needed. Skilled voluntees were needed. A female staff person from HNN told voluntees they were not needed, but staff from makeover changed that statement. You know God made a way for tnis house to be built and a way will be made for the Johnson famaily to pay the taxes. Watch God work!!!1

  • GOD,is Good! I’ve read several comments about various things about The Johnson’s New Blessing of A Home GOD has Bless them with. I want to say, when you R given a Blessing from GOD, “It Will Last” Please people Enough of all of these negative comments. I Thank GOD, Extreme makeover and everyone who helped, tried to help and had the desire to help. And thank U Veronica, for ur positive and uplifting comment. No I’m not a member, friend or citizen of the family, show, city or anything. But I do know we as people who desire Greatness in this World must began being more positive and Look and Speak Things into Existance as we Want them {Aboundant, Happy, Good Exceeding, Above N Beyond Greatness than We Can Ever Imagine} It’s time for us to Speak Greatness in each other’s lives R Do Not Speak @ All. Much Love to Everyone