ExxonMobil Looking for Buyers for Park-Adjacent Chemical Headquarters

Set back behind the trees along I-10 and Memorial Dr. and beside the trails of Terry Hershey Park, the ExxonMobil Chemical Company Headquarters have gone up for sale. Marketing firm HHF says that the sale of the 35-acre Energy Corridor property was precipitated by the company’s impending consolidation northwest of here at the under-construction 385-acre campus behind other trees in Spring. Standing now on the property at 13501 Katy Fwy. are a 5-story, 576,968-sq.-ft. office building and a 20,463-sq.-ft. conference center.


Images: HFF

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  • 35 acres with little development on it…this will be hot in today’s market in Houston.

  • Lots of redevelopment in this area. Several new buildings. The old Arco facility and BP expansion. Traffic will only get worse. It seems that lots of thought goes into designing these multi-use projects but no thought goes into understanding the impact on the surrounding community. I see it at Town Center, which is pretty good development. But the affect on parking and traffic in the surrounding are is horrible. Those issues need to be addressed by the developers rather than the city many years later.

  • Why should it be the responsibility of the developers? So that those that arrive later end up being punished even though the majority of traffic is generated by existing uses.

    It is the city government’s fault that it allowed this area to have an inadequate street grid. Congestion on the freeways and SH 6 is TxDOT’s problem. Lack of good commuter transit alternatives is METRO’s problem.

    On a less acerbic note, it is very impressive that an area not very old to begin with is having extensive commercial redevelopment.

  • Whoops, there should have been a question mark at the end of the first paragraph of my previous comment…

  • I’d be surprised if BP wasn’t going to make an offer on it. They certainly aren’t out of space yet to build on the campus but they currently use two off campus buildings at the corner of memorial and eldridge for spill over. This would temporarily give them a new building, more parking and direct access to the bike trail for employees. Seems like a no-brainier to me.

  • It is always the people who are against zoning and city regulations that are the first to complain about traffic and parking, so ironic.

  • @ dax – I guess if BP bought it, they could have whatever the industry equivalent is of an exorcism, to cleanse away the spirit of Happy Motoring…(what ever happened to that anthropomorphic droplet, anyway?)

  • Here’s hoping the city buys it and extends the park that abuts it. It’s a beautiful property, it would be sad to see thr trees cleared for yet another strip center. I’m sure the city and county will say the land is too expensive as they give millions to the Texans et.al

  • A park? Sandwiched between a drainage ditch, a freeway, and a corporate campus? No. West Houston already has plenty of linear parks and also some really big regional parks. Why expend finite resources on such expensive and noisy dirt?

    What west Houston (and Houston in general) needs is to more intensively program their existing regional parks and to create more small neighborhood-oriented parks or pocket parks.

  • @mollusk, whoever told you that zoning and traffic are related told you wrong.

  • Why is it that everyone who comments on this site so dumb? I want a park…no I want it to be apartments…no I want more parking…you people don’t get it and never will YOU DON’T OWN THIS PROPERTY AND IF YOU DID YOU WOULD SELL IT FOR $50 MILLION WHICH IS WHAT IT WILL PROBABLY GO FOR… so why don’t you go out a actually do something for a change rather than whinning on a website. I do see the irony in my comment but I finally had to post something.

  • I certainly do think that developers should pay for the infrastructure changes that their developments require. Such as new schools, roads, utilities, etc.