Fire Smokes Out The Eagle from Montrose Nest Back to Former Franklin St. Dungeon

The Eagle, 611 Hyde Park Blvd, Avondale, Houston, 77006

A Saturday-afternoon fire has temporarily flushed Montrose bar The Eagle from its roost at 611 Hyde Park Blvd — day-drinkers at the hotspot’s newish location reported smelling smoke and seeing lights flicker just before a manager ran downstairs to the first-floor bar area in the converted Depression Era-home to hustle patrons and staffers out. Owner Jay Allen told KTRK’s Deborah Wrigley that the permit had been approved for an already-installed sprinkler system in the building, but the City hadn’t hooked up the water yet. (No injuries were reported.)

Despite heavy smoke and fire damage to the second and third floors and water damage to the first, owner Jay Allen vows that the club will swoop back to its Montrose aerie (pictured above during the 2015 Pride season) as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the Eagle is screaming again (albeit only on Sundays) at its old bayouside digs downtown — “the dungeon” in the basement space at 709 Franklin — until repairs on the Hyde Park building are completed.


While often mistaken for a franchise outpost, The Eagle is independent of (and somewhat less leather-oriented than) the dozen or so leather-fetish-and-or-sports bars bearing that same name from coast to coast and (formerly) into Chicago. Since 2014, Houston’s Eagle had been nesting in the 30-year home of the 611 Club, a taxidermy-packed gay bar that opened over the objections of the Avondale Association Home Owner’s Association in 1984. The 611 Club was celebrated in the long-defunct Montrose Voice as a key point in Montrose’s “Golden Triangle for bar lovers, a nice walk from the Mining Company, JR’s, the Barn, Ripcord, Lola’s, Charlotte’s, and Al’s.”

Photo: Eagle Houston


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  • I love the 709 Franklin: especially when it was PowerTools. Those were the days: hanging out on the patio ,which was UNDER Franklin St. And seeing industrial sized rats-that was when you KNEW your night had hit its nadir… Of course,getting into PowerTools was an exercise in balance-going down those fricking stairs while intoxicated would test anyone’s equilibrium. Now we’ll be trekking back to the old Eagle location@ 709 Franklin. I only hope DJ Arnold’s awesome music collection did NOT get damaged/destroyed by the fire/water from Saturdays fire. Every time a bar goes up in flames,I always wander was in an accident or something else?