Flagship Hotel Demolition Goes a Little Faster Than Expected

FLAGSHIP HOTEL DEMOLITION GOES A LITTLE FASTER THAN EXPECTED A portion of the second floor of Galveston’s Flagship Hotel collapsed this afternoon, as it was being dismantled. One worker is in critical condition after he was freed from being pinned under 1,000 pounds of debris on the north end of the structure, on the 25th St. Pier. [Click2Houston; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Click2Houston

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  • Obviously this could just be a freak accident but given the fairly slipshod way the demolition appeared to be being carried out with regard to capture of falling material I would hope that OSHA or whoever else is responsible will be investigating.

  • The worker died. OSHA will be there investigating. This is the 2nd worker fatality for this Demolition Contractor in the Houston area within 5 years. It’s a shame for this worker and his family.

  • Not the most clever headline, IMO…

  • O am OSHA person who studied at the OSHA highly rated institute in the gulf coast safety institute in Texas city. I want to know why did they continue working after the1st workers was just been fatality as so hope OSHA sends the right people in there this time respectfully OSHA technician Patrick garza