Flora & Muse Imports Quaint to CityCentre

Scheduled to open a little later this month amidst the mixed-use toniness of CityCentre: Yet another bistro-patisserie-tearoom-bar-coffeeshop-library-flower shop and performance-space hybrid, this one called Flora & Muse. Financing for the new venue comes in part from Turkish television star BaÅŸak Köklükaya (you may know her as Findik from “Uy Basuma Gelenler”). The store promises a “whimsical, neo-Victorian interior” designed by Laura Umansky (her Laura U Collection is on Westheimer near Hazard). Chef David Luna, formerly of Shade and Canopy, at last steps out from beneath all those overhangs to develop the menu for the mini-mixed-use mashup, which will include a 1,200-sq.-ft. patio.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Gus, somehow the “Findik from ‘Uy Basuma Gelenler'” reference doesn’t provoke the same kind of response that your David Hemmings reference did a few months back.