For Sale: Cecil’s Pub on W. Gray

FOR SALE: CECIL’S PUB ON W. GRAY Cecil's Pub, 600 W. Gray St., North Montrose, Houston, 77019All 6,250 sq.ft. of Cecil’s Pub are now up for sale, after some 31 years of operation.  A reader reports that the bar is still open for now, though an information sign from The Weitzman Group is up out front of the building at 600 W. Gray. Weitzman has a leasing flier up for the property as well; the bar sits on just under half an acre of land east of PJ’s Sports Bar (at the corner with Stanford St.) and north of Skinny Rita’s Cantina (last occupied by Eleven:Eleven); just down the street are the North Montrose branch of Barnaby’s Cafe and the planned site of the West Gray Plaza strip centerPhoto: Swamplot inbox

North Montrose Signs of Change

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  • Another one bites the dust.

    The optimist in me is hopeful that some one leases it and keeps the tradition (?) alive. I’d hate to lose this bastion of a watering hole.

    The realist in me realises that any developer looking to cash in on the expansion of midtown will be more than willing to put another nail in the Montrose coffin.

    I just hope that when the time comes, they give the old girl the send-off she deserves.

  • As if I needed another reason to give up on this city.

  • Oh no! All the cool stuff is falling to the almighty draw of high land values……….

  • The site looks too small for a Houston wrap, so that means it will be townhomes or strip retail.

  • As long as Rudz is still around there’s hope (or at least temporary comfort)

  • Any place that uses Papyrus for its sign is probably destined to fail.

  • Ive lived right down the road for about 4 yrs now and been there, I might need to stop in for a beer.

  • ^^^ don’t jinx us! If anything were to ever happen to Rudz, that would definitely be a giant flush down the toilet of anything remotely unique about this ‘town’. And I do mean town cause we are by no way city. Those telephone poles impeding our sidewalks are from like 1890′!