Former Steak and Ale on Mangum Rd. To Begin New Life as Strip Club

Whatever steak and ale was left in this building at 2425 Mangum Rd. has been taken off . . . very slowly. Only to be brought back in a new form: A reader who’s noted some heavy construction — including the covering-up of windows — at this former restaurant on the southwest side of 290 over the last month and a half says the new occupants appeared to have applied for a liquor license under the name “Mangum Steakhouse.” Actual name of the new joint: Sunset Strip, a “totally latex free” club where you’ll find “the hottest entertainers in H-Town” — once they’re hired, of course. Scheduled opening date: August 3rd. Any resemblance between Highway 290 and the actual Sunset Strip, of course, is courtesy of the ghost of Anna Nicole Smith, and the Pleasures she left behind on the other side of the freeway at 34th St.

Photo: LoopNet

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  • Dueling ghosts– that is Karla Fay Tucker territory as well

  • Been watching them work on this joint for a while now. Right by my warehouse. I’m all for free enterprise….BUT I can’t say I’m happy about this place in the ‘hood. They won’t be getting any of the money I have left.

  • Sounds like par for the course, Houston.

  • Oh, thank God! I was sure we didn’t have enough of these around town…

  • OK, at the risk of getting into the pervy minutiae of strip club laws, my understanding is that when the city of Houston finally won in all the lawsuits challenging the “new” adult entertainment laws, strip clubs inside the city limits had to make some token effort to cover up boobies to be within the letter of the law. That token effort meant coating the offending tatas with latex–sort of post-modern pasties, as it were. So it created a two-tier titty bar regime–inside the city limits, latex on the boobs; Outside the city limits, nothin’ but skin (upstairs at least).

    Sunset Strip seems well inside the city limits, so how are they planning on staying within the legal limits without latex?

  • How very tacky…

  • Can’t tell you how bad i wish this was closer to the Heights.

  • So it created a two-tier titty bar regime

    Phrase of the day

  • Maybe me should apply… me love steak… me love ale… me love doing a dance and shaking me tail….


  • I wonder what they did with the homeless person that had set up a hobo house in the covered doorway? Closer to Heights would be pretty funny…

  • As an homage to one of the worst beverages ever created and to the previous incarnation of the building, I hope they have a Champale Room for the VIP bump eh grind.

  • The Washington Corridor is missing out…

  • Now let me see if I have this right. To get there on the 290 feeder, you’ll have to pass BJ Services, Elite Glass and Trim, and Prime Meat?

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

  • Now that was funny!

  • A friend’s birthday is coming up….Now I have the perfect place for our gathering!!!!
    I also here that this new place has a great happy hour and buffet:)