At the Sign of the Apple: Largest Food Bank Ever

The silver apple went up late last week on the enormous new Houston Food Bank location carved out of the former Sysco Foods warehouse at 535 Portwall St., just northwest of the I-10 East-610 Loop intersection. The 310,000-sq.-ft. facility will include a cafe, a community room and training center that’s open to the public, and a volunteer program called Serving for Success that’s open to inmates and probationers. The organization hopes to use its new space to double the amount of food it distributes (to 120 million lbs. a year) by 2018. Official opening date: September 23rd.


Photos: RdlR Architects

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  • I’m a little surprised they can use that logo. It’s not identical to Apple’s, of course, but Apple keeps a tight rein on its brand identity.

  • How long before the other Apple slaps a lawsuit on this Apple for using a big apple logo?

  • Unless Apple the computer/music/consumer electronics business is also in the food-bank business, I don’t think they would have a leg to stand on.

  • yeah, i think they can only get away it since they’re not using a full apple. it is risky though as you can bet apple is furiously trying to patent every partial design of an apple that could possibly exist in the future at this point.

  • Surely Apple (Mac) wouldn’t want to sue a non-profit food bank? That would give them bad press, something they hate – what with their Chinese sweat-shop produced *designed in California* products all you hipsters love!

  • Apple probably wouldn’t sue but they very well might at least send a C&D letter. Of course Apple’s not in the food bank business but I think they might be able to convince a judge that this architectural style PLUS the partial apple is an infringement on the Apple Store “trademark.” Or not, but it wouldn’t cost them much to send a letter.

  • “architecural style”? Its a refrigerated distribution center, a bloody big box with a bunch of chilling plant on one end.