Framed Animal Portraiture Heralds Slowpokes’ Fall Migration to Levy Park

There’s now some still life clinging to the Kirby Grove office building across from Levy Park where Slowpokes plans to debut its second location sometime this fall. Already open in the 16-story building’s ground floor: Kiran’s Indian restaurant and a branch of PlainsCapital Bank — whose ATM you can make out to the left of the exhibition wall in the photo above.

From their current vantage point, each of the 3 framed faces — mainstays at the cafe’s original Garden Oaks location — will have a good view of the park across the street as they wait for the new restaurant to take shape:



And within the bounds of the green space itself, Love Shack and Woodshed Smokehouse are on deck to appear as part of the area’s expanding menu.

Photos: Swamplox inbox

Garden Oaks to Kirby Grove