A Peek at the Love Shack, Smokehouse Now on the Menu for Levy Park

A pair of new renderings shows off the 2 food options planned for Levy Park — now in its second year of operation since the overhaul that reshaped and then reopened it last February. The kiosk depicted above — dubbed Love Shack — gets its name from chef Tim Love. (A previously-announced moniker, Love Bird, appears to have been scrapped.)

Love is also the operator behind the larger restaurant dubbed Woodshed Smokehouse that’s shown with a tall glass-walled dining room in the rendering at top. Below, a map of the park shows a spot labeled “Future Restaurant” in its bottom right corner:


That puts it at the back of the park’s event lawn, roughly opposite the pavilion that fronts the open space:

Renderings: Kirby Grove. Site plan: Levy Park. Photo: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool

Preparing to Sprout

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  • Why are two restaurants in a tiny public park? Isn’t the land owned by Houstonian’s? Are they actually going to be in the park?

  • Woodshed Smokehouse in Fort Worth is excellent. It should be a fine addition to the park, and competition to the other good eating places within two blocks.

  • I would prioritize a coffe stand for all the parents out there. One less stop on the way to the park would be appreciated. I’m still surprised there’s never even a food truck out there serving coffee.

  • @Thayer

    Levy Park is “public/private partnership.” Also, there’s a Niko Niko’s in Market Square, so I supposed it’s not unheard of in Houston.

  • Thayer: My guess is the restaurants pay rent to the public for space in the park, thus help support the park. I could be wrong, but I suspect not.

  • tiny public park? You been there Thayer?