Fresh Pictures of the Raw Sewage In a Memorial Backyard

Here’s the pungent wastewater that’s been flowing through a Swamplot reader’s backyard on Stoney Creek Dr. for just over a month, according to the homeowner. The waterway pictured above — dubbed Ditch #W-151 by Harris County Flood Control — parallels Gessner on its way south from Memorial City Mall, passing through portions of Bunker Hill Village and Whispering Oaks before emptying into Buffalo Bayou. For about 3 quarters of a mile along that stretch, the ditch cuts through the backyards of homes on Stoney Creek, where owners have complained about this and similar movements in the past.

Residents suspect the issue might have to do with the sewer repair work now underway at multiple sites upstream from their neighborhood. The photo below shows a temporary pump conducting liquids across Plantation Rd., just south of Memorial City Mall’s frontage along Barryknoll:


Additional repairs are happening at the intersection of Benignus Rd. and Kingsride:

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • I never new there was a sulfur spring in Houston! The smell is a feature. Not a bug…. If the water had the color and consistency of Nesquik it would be an acceptable water feature within the Houston landscape so I can understand why people are alarmed… Better send some samples to a lab before the Nordic transplants find out about this little gem.

  • If this was a commercial building, the city would be out there in 15 seconds writing $250k felony fines