Friday Group Photo Feature: The Corner of Washington and White

Photographers head to the corner of Washington Ave. and White St., by the Old Sixth Ward. What do they come back with?

These pics and more! There were more participants and many more photos to choose from this week — the second round of Swamplot’s new group photo feature.

How does this one look?


A slideshow showing all the submitted photos:

Thanks again to all of you who snapped and sent in pix!

Got questions or details about any of the images you see here? Comments on the area? Let’s hear them! And if you’d like to be a part of Swamplot’s weekly group photo fun, hop on board for our next assignment!

Photos (top to bottom): can-da-chee garcia, can-da-chee garcia, wink_ler, russell.hancock, wink_ler, wink_ler, can-da-chee garcia, wink_ler, can-da-chee garcia, xnomad, wink_ler, wink_ler, can-da-chee garcia, can-da-chee garcia, russell.hancock. Graphic: Mr. Kimberly [license]