Memorial Club Apartments’ Remaining Half Ripped in Half by Demo Crews

The Memorial Club apartment complex at the Westcott St. roundabout is down to its final quarter following weekend deconstruction activity that left the 4-building, not-yet-redeveloped half of the complex itself cut in half. (Across the street, a 5-builidng portion of Memorial Club has been missing since new apartments dubbed Elan Memorial Park replaced it in 2016) By Saturday morning, the whole southern section of Memorial Club’s remaining half was gone according to a Swamplot reader, who sends the photo at top looking west to show that vanished portion, visible behind the oak trees.

Taking note of the demo, Google Maps has replaced its old photo of the apartments with one more indicative of current events:


Excavators are now picking off the rest of the complex:

Greystar, the owner of both Elan Memorial Park and the Memorial Club Apartments, plans to replace the latter with 258 new units once the demo is complete.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

At the Roundabout

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