Comment of the Day: Survival of the Weirdest

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SURVIVAL OF THE WEIRDEST “As I have long observed, pretty soon the only remaining example of the original housing stock of the greater Rice Military neighborhood will be the Beer Can House.” [Miz Brooke Smith, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Roll Out] Photo: Candace Garcia via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Great comment! And very likely.

  • Replaced by douchey poorly built stucco monstrosities; that won’t look decent in 10 years much less 25 or 50..

  • … I know of a happy original Rice Military bungalow that retired to a farm in Needville which likely will have a very long life there, given its tough construction!

    Maybe one day there will be a house tour..”Where are they now? Moving House Tales.” Perhaps this will be Houston’s unique spin on preservation.

  • To be honest those little things look completely out of place there anyways. The areas style is those huge vertical things. The ‘old’ houses are the 2000s era Sandcastles.