Getting Ready for What 2016 Has in Store for Houston

1515 Beall St., Shady Acres, Houston, 77008

Say goodbye to 2015! Swamplot is taking a quick break to do just that. We’ll be back Monday morning, ready to see what changes lie ahead for the local real estate scene. A Happy New Year to you and yours!

Photo of 1515 Beall St.: Joe Bielamowicz via Swamplot inbox

Bring It On

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  • The image of a single family home stuck in a closet of townhouses is one of the single most frightening images that I have taken away from Houston. The longer I am away from Houston the more they make me cringe.

  • …..aren’t you the guy that recently relished on the fact that you sold a similar impeding structure just in time to “get out of houston”?

  • I dont know what you two are talking about, but,
    TRULY there goes the neighborhood

  • @Toby
    Yes indeed, that was him. I guess he cringed all the way from closing to closing…. Poor guy!

  • Why should the image of a small single-family home surrounded by townhouses be frightening? This image is a symbol of the fact that Houston is the city with perhaps the single fastest ability to adapt to changing housing demand. This kind of densification is why a lot more people can afford to live close to jobs and recreation, rather than being forced into the suburbs.
    This picture is a sign of a vibrant, thriving neighborhood, and fills me with hope for the future.

  • Actually, Toby & Lycos; my place was just south of I10 and north of buffalo bayou. There wasn’t much neighborhood there to destroy with townhomes (at least where I was located). In fact there wasn’t much of a neighborhood at all where I was! This was nothing like what what was/is happening to other areas of town, such as the one pictured.

  • The area where that picture was taken was beyond crappy, full of old houses that had not been maintained, plus a plethora of mobile homes. The townhomes are a major improvement.

  • I concede…it is a beautiful picture