Harris County’s New Game Room Game

HARRIS COUNTY’S NEW GAME ROOM GAME Game Room, Monroe Rd. at Almeda Genoa, HoustonAmong the new requirements for game rooms in Harris County just approved by commissioners this afternoon: A big sign outside that says “GAME ROOM.” And you’ll know there’ll be at least half a dozen “eight-liner” video poker machines inside, because they won’t be able to tint the windows anymore. New establishments will need to be at least 1,500 ft. away from schools, churches, or residential neighborhoods.Charitable” bingo halls that fall under the ordinance won’t need to follow these new rules, but they will need to get a permit like other game rooms, pay a $1000 annual fee to the county, and shut down at 10 p.m. [Houston Chronicle ($); previously on Swamplot] Photo of recently shuttered game room on Monroe Rd. at Almeda Genoa: abc13

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  • This new 1500ft rule will close most of them down and why can they not enforce this rule on strip clubs too??

  • @Brian D – Because enough people enjoy strip clubs that they are politically popular enough to not be destroyed by BS laws like this. In contrast, game rooms are not as popular here, because we regularly send millions of our dollars and citizens across the border to Louisiana casinos, and therefore have less demand (and less political support) for gambling here.

    Regulations are restrictions with the intention of driving some desirable outcome (or to prevent an undesirable one). Jesus will be offended by strip clubs no matter how many feet they are from his front door. Gambling, prostitution, and drinking will take place no matter how many laws or regulations are passed. We have learned this lesson over and over again through the centuries…yet certain sets of the population continue to impose their sensitivities on other parts thats should have every legal right to stick as many one dollar bills in a thong as they damn well please.

    Along similar lines, I should be able to buy a case of beer during my football party shopping on Sunday at 10:30 am. I should also have the right to gamble here in Houston, rather than having to drive 3 hours to Lake Charles where I am welcomed with open arms.

    It is obvious that you would like to see all strip clubs in Houston shut down. Not everyone feels that way. If my elderly father had his way, all tattoo parlors would be shuttered. And anyone caught wearing a baseball cap backwards would be fined. And any male with an earring would have it publicly removed with pliers in front of the court house.

  • The latest shakedown by the city. Pay us $1000, or else…

  • In the Galleria area there are strip clubs 2 to 3 blks from houses so you would be ok with a strip that you can see from your back yard I would hate that.

  • That reminds me, I need to change a couple of hundred into 1 dollar bills for tonight. I tried it with Sacagawea Dollars last time, but it turned into a fiasco.

  • Commonsense, you better make it rain with$5’s. Those $1’s won’t get you past a 10 foot rule much less 3.

  • “And anyone caught wearing a baseball cap backwards would be fined.”
    Whoa, does your dad have a newsletter? Is he running for office? He’ll get my vote on that one ^^ alone