Shocked To Find That Gambling Is Going on in Here

SHOCKED TO FIND THAT GAMBLING IS GOING ON IN HERE Four people believed to be the owners of the Capri Game Room at 10418 Telephone Rd. (just north of Fuqua) were arrested recently on misdemeanor gambling-related charges, Craig Malisow reports. Across the street from the Capri is an HPD substation, and inside the structure, surrounded by a sea of blue-painted walls, are 122 video slot machines. The arrests have had a ripple effect on several other nearby game rooms, but Malisow is confident the changes will be temporary: “In a strip center just up the road, two others have closed. But the Just Gold game room a few hundred yards from the Capri is still open. The owner, Lourdes Rodriguez, is just one of many game room owners with landlords who won’t ask any questions as long as the rent is paid every month. While Just Gold, and this stretch of Telephone Road, is quiet for right now, the heat will blow over as it always does, and things will get back to normal. The promise of big money might just be an illusion for the suckers who play, but for the owners and vendors, the money is very real indeed.” [Houston Press] Photo: LoopNet

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  • Third world Houston! I was ticketed recently on Telephone road. I pulled over into a parking lot adjacent to a convenience store. The group of illegals loitering nearby was invisible to HPD but my money was good and green to the City of Houston.

  • I drive this route every single day on my way to work…this “gameroom” should not be a shock to anyone in the police department…an off duty officer with a police car is present at all times of the day for security….sounds to me like the owners upset one of the off duty security guards.

  • Profiling goes both ways, try driving down crosstimbers after dark for reference. The person ahead of me goes around a bus sans turn signal, having not even come to a full stop making a right turn off the feeder. I stopped at the light signaled and still wound up with a ticket. Officer apologized when he found out I just needed to go to PLS to get a check cashed, but still wrote a ticket after making darn certain I wasn’t there to buy drugs.

  • I love google ads. Some “Poker Series” ad on this page due to gambling related words in the story. CHEESE! :)

  • Aw hell. Nothin but trash up that way. Damn shame what is happening in our city. Damn shame.




  • I wish they would do something about the many gambling locations within the greater heights. I can’t beleive they are allowed to operate. Both the police and Councilman Ed Gonzales are aware of them. There is one near Alice’s Tall Texan on N.Main, one near the corner of Cavalcade and Airline, and one in the shopping center at Cavalcade and Northwood.

  • I live near the Capri, Looking Good, et al and they are constantly coming and going — one gets shut down and it pops up in the next dumpy strip mall a few weeks later.

    The newest one (I think) is on Monroe just south of Almeda Genoa…it’s usually packed so I expect all that attention will end badly (for that location).

  • Jeez some of the comments to this post… I live near the area also and these game rooms are everywhere. I, however, would prefer the area police spend their time on other things.

  • The game room next to Tall Texan has been closed almost a year and who cares if people want to gamble as long as the gamerooms keep the place clean and secure. The City is mad because they haven’t figured out a way to tax the gamerooms and the gamers.

  • Hey Cross…just a thought. You got ticketed because you did something wrong, like speeding or running a red light. These “illegals” as you say, were “loitering” or perhaps a better way to put it is they were standing around. How do you know they were “illegals” anyway?? They probably were not doing anything wrong. But in your eyes, they looked illegal and were loitering. Whatever. Your just pissed because you got a ticket. Thanks for financing the city.

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