Hearsay Doubling Up Downtown; Touring the Inner Loop’s Second-Cheapest Rent House

Foundation Pour for Belfiore Condo Tower, S. Post Oak Ln. at Wynden Rd., Uptown Park, Houston

Photo of Saturday’s mat placement for Belfiore condo tower, S. Post Oak Ln. at Wynden Dr.: Interfin


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  • That house is NOT in Rice Military. It’s in Woodcrest. Rice military is boarded by Washington Ave, Shepherd-Durham, Memorial Dr / the bayou, and Westcott. I mean, you could have even said Rice military area or off Washington and I’d give you a pass (you did say Washington Ave living in the article which is not a thing btw. Rice Military is different than living off Sawyer. But details….)
    Houstonia magazine: We’re the new guy in town and continue to show it!

  • Sorry, Washington Ave lifestyle. Still though, not a thing.

  • New guy in town? I am willing to bet I’ve been in this town longer than you, and I am fourth generation Houstonian on my mom’s side. The house is listed on HAR as being in “Rice Military Woodcrest” and since you and you alone use Woodcrest, I chose to use the name that most people are familiar with. Have fun being a complete pedant! I am sure people love you at parties.

  • And anyway, some people are starting to call that area El Tiempo Heights.

  • I’ve even heard some people referring to the portion of River Oaks west of Kirby as Chuy’s Heights.

  • If we are on a renaming spree, how about:

    Shady Acres: Heights West
    Lazybrook: Lazy Heights
    Garden Oaks/Oak Forest: Heights North

  • nice job with the classy response, lomax.

  • JNL laying the smack down. You should know better than to question his knowlege of the Tine. Dude is the modern chronicler of all things Houston.

  • To: Nova Lomax: Then you must not be too aware for a 4th gen Houstonian. The neighborhood had a sign saying Woodcrest in the TC Jester esplanade for many years and everyone in Rice Military knows that Washington is the northern boundary. Just because some realtor is clueless doesn’t give everyone a pass. It’s called Fact Check.

  • Hahaha love the “Native Houstonian” pedigree, and seeing yet another spat over neighborhood name boundaries. This is becoming a recurring theme. How about if Swamplot hosts an all-or-nothing arm wrestling match where any challengers of neighborhood names can square off and settle the deal once and for all?

  • Lomax is probably one of the most self-absorbed, unaware real estate writers out there. Does anyone actually take his work seriously? Keep touting that fiiiiiine Houston pedigree, champ. Any criticism? Cue the “god, how uncultured and ignorant” arrogance. What a bore.

  • Actually, the number of generations is just relative to the age of those doing the reproducing. I’ve no doubt that I’m quite a bit older than Lomax and I remember when no one even talked about that area, much less wanted to live there.

  • Regarding Lomax, I’d dare to venture that no one since Sig Byrd has done more through the written word to highlight and preserve the unique aspects of Houston (see his Sole of Houston series from the Houston Press). Even if he was wrong in this instance about a neighborhood’s name, that he’s Houston’s answer to Joseph Mitchell gets him a few pass in my book.

    Seriously, I’m not even from Houston, and am fairly ambivalent about the city, but Lomax’s writing consistently gives me a sense of pride for “H-town.”

  • It’s simple. If you think Houstonia is garbage (and you have every right to do so) don’t click on the link. These articles are not part of your required summer reading list.

  • HAR lumps Woodcrest in with Rice Military as “Rice Military Woodcrest.” The realtor did not do that — it is HAR’s default setting. I contend that RM has eaten up Woodcrest whatever the original boundaries were. I have lived about a mile from that Knox Street house for five years, riding my bike through there several times a week, and have never seen any evidence of the Woodcrest brand. (Though the pic of the sign in the TC Jester esplanade on the crickets-empty Woodcrest Neighborhood Association website looks vaguely familiar. It’s in black and white so no telling how old it is.) Rice Military, Crestwood/Glen Cove and Cottage Grove all have Wikipedia pages. Woodcrest does not. 999 out of 1000 Houstonians would not have a clue where Woodcrest was, but lots more know Rice Military. It’s original identity has been erased in the last ten or 15 years and its now a Condo Canyon like Rice Military so let’s just let that boring Woodcrest name go, especially since there’s a Crestwood right down the street.

  • El Tiempo Heights it is!!!

  • the pic of the woodcrest sign on their website is actually from the roundabout next to one of those nifty light sculptures. but really, does sagacity not have any policy to prevent its writers from getting into tactless internet comment arguments with its readers?

  • Coconutbutter: Since when did I become a real estate writer, self-absorbed and unaware or otherwise? Eight years of music followed by four years of meth and this is how you pigeonhole me?

  • On the contrary when we are accused of being “new kids on the block” over something as ridiculous as not using “Woodcrest” we are encouraged to fight back. I haven’t even gotten around to this guy’s contention that “Washington Avenue lifestyle” is “not a thing.” Yes, there are gradations between Sawyer and the roundabout, but NOX and the Roosevelt are both in RM/ Woodcrest, as is Outlaw Dave’s. Those places pretty much epitomize the Washington Avenue lifestyle.

  • @Lomax – Seriously, get over yourself.